Lea Michele Shares Thoughts About ‘Real Housewives’ On ‘WWHL’ With Andy Cohen

Lea Michele was a guest on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen where she shared a ton of Real Housewives opinions (positive and negative), and it’s obvious that she’s a big fan. She started with Real Housewives of New Jersey which proves she knows a lot about the Garden State ladies. Lea Michele was a guest of Andy Cohen alongside RHONJ’s Teresa Giudice.

Former Glee star Lea Michele started with a rapid-fire assessment of theReal Housewives of New Jersey, first with her thoughts on Siggy Flicker’s reaction to the cake fight between Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga. Lea Michele felt strongly that Siggy overreacted.

Then it was onto Danielle Staub, who is back to RHONJ after several seasons away. Lea is happy she’s back.

“Great, I’m just ready for her to like, crank it out. She’s too quiet right now.”

Wrapping up her talk on RHONJ newbie Margaret Josephs and her “adult pigtails?” Lea Michele thinks the hairdo is a bit much.

“I can’t stand it. Not into it!”

But Lea Michele couldn’t escape Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live clubhouse without playing a game with Cohen and RHONJ’s Teresa Giudice. Giudice and Lea Michele played a few rounds of a Wheel of Fortune style game called “Lea MichSpelling Bee.”

Andy Cohen asked Lea Michele about her time on Glee and her favorite and least favorite Glee episodes to film. Lea Michele’s favorite was the first time the Glee cast traveled to New York.

“It was so fun. Coming from New York and then getting to go back to hometown.”

But despite loving the music, Lea Michele said her least favorite episode to film was the Michael Jackson themed show from Glee season three.

“I think we felt a lot of pressure to make it super great and to recreate a lot of his numbers. I think that was just because we wanted it to be so good.”

Michele admits that she walked off the Glee set during filming.

Lea Michele was also willing to take some fan phone calls on WWHL and was asked about working with John Stamos aka Uncle Jesse. The caller asked about when Lea Michele was on Scream Queens.

“I know that on Scream Queens, you kissed John Stamos. How good was the kiss? I gotta know because I grew up with John Stamos.”

Lea Michele seemed to have forgotten about the kiss with Stamos, but then rallied and remembered.

“You know, it was pretty good! And I grew up watching him too. It was one of those extremely surreal moments. Like, I’m kissing Uncle Jesse right now.”


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Lea Michele and Teresa Giudice seemed comfy in the relatively new WWHL clubhouse. Andy Cohen, a full audience, and even a guest bartender now fit comfortably on the show’s set.

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