Yes, Andy Cohen Just Tasted Amber Tamblyn’s Breast Milk On ‘WWHL,’ Twitter Goes Wild

There are first times for everything, and tonight on Watch What Happens Live Andy Cohen decided to try something new and took a swig of Amber Tamblyn’s breast milk live on air. Tamblyn was a guest in the Bravo clubhouse alongside RHONY new housewife Tinsley Mortimer on WWHL when Cohen was asked if he’s ever tasted breast milk, and if he would like to. Cohen impressed fans everywhere with his bravery when he took a swig, announcing that it was as close as he had ever been to a woman’s breast.

Bravo host Andy Cohen, Amber Tamblyn, Tinsley Mortimer, and a guest bartender were in the now expanded WWHL clubhouse chatting about all things RHONY. Bravo stars Shep Rose from Southern Charm and Ramona Singer from RHONY both texted Andy during the show, but that was nothing compared to the breast milk swigging that seemed to energize Cohen. Tamblyn had explained that her husband, David Cross, had tasted the breast milk she had pumped for their baby, and offered Cohen a swig of the milk she had expressed before WWHL started at 11 p.m.

While most WWHL fans thought it was amazing that Andy Cohen took a sip of Amber Tamblyn’s breast milk, others thought it was disgusting.

Other fans are wondering what Andy’s mom, Evelyn Cohen, is going to say about the breast milk exchange, as Evelyn watches her son on WWHL every night. Andy confessed that she might not be watching the show live as she was watching the St. Louis Cardinals play baseball, and it was a tight game.

Andy Cohen, who is openly gay, even showed a photo from his senior prom and joked that his date, a female friend, didn’t get lucky that night. After WWHL, even Andy went on Twitter, and even he didn’t believe that he drank Amber Tamblyn’s breast milk, which he said tasted sweet.

But of course, some fans were simply shocked by Andy Cohen drinking Tamblyn’s breast milk on WWHL and said they couldn’t unsee it.

“Andy Cohen just drank Amber Tamblyn’s breast milk. Did not need to see that.”

Amber Tamblyn passed Cohen the bottle and yelled “chug chug chug” as Cohen sipped the breast milk and washed it down with some tequila.

One viewer asked why Andy Cohen and his guests didn’t take a shot of the breast milk in his shotski, while another said that maybe the breast milk would cure the cough that Andy has been suffering for weeks.


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Andy Cohen prides himself by bringing together Bravo stars with others from the entertainment field, and he announced that next week, the show is heading from New York out to Los Angeles, and he will have Kim Kardashian as a guest on WWHL. One of the games that Cohen plays on the show involves answering personal questions, where you can “plead the fifth” to just one. Cohen says he is thrilled to have a whole new selection of guests on WWHL.

“We’ve been fantasizing about taking the show to LA for eight years and I couldn’t be more excited that the Palace Theater will be our home. I feel like we’re hitting the big time!”

In addition to Kim Kardashian, while in Los Angeles, Cohen will host Bethenny Frankel, Conan O’Brien, Hilary Swank, Kate Mara, Nicole Richie, Eric Stonestreet, Armie Hammer, and resident house DJ James Kennedy of Vanderpump Rules. Erika Jayne, Kyle Richards, and the Vanderpump Rules cast will also make appearances.

What did you think of Andy Cohen swigging Amber Tamblyn’s breast milk on WWHL?

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