Jennifer Lawrence Reportedly Ready To Call It Quits With Darren Aronofsky Despite Engagement Rumors

Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky have carried on an extended romance since the lead actress and award-winning director spent months filming Mother in mid-2016.

The 27-year-old actress and 48-year-old director are reportedly headed for a split, and as Metro states, this revolves around the drama that resulted between the pair due to a poor response from the horror flick.

As the publication notes, the filming of Mother was quite an emotionally intense and physically draining experience for Lawrence, who even tore her diaphragm during the process. Seeing as the process to make the film was quite difficult, all to result in Jennifer Lawrence's worst box-office numbers yet, it seems quite understandable that tensions between Lawrence and Aronofsky may be running high.

Friends of the beauty have also spoken up regarding the relationship that has been ongoing for over a year, noting that Jennifer has changed quite a bit since she began working with and dating the director. Pals close to the star indicate that Jen went from being bubbly and one of Hollywood's "hottest" stars to being almost a "recluse" due to her all-encompassing relationship with Darren.

Grazia shares words of a source regarding the pair's romance and relationship.

"Jen went from being Hollywood's hottest young actress to becoming almost a recluse, living with Darren and collaborating on a movie that was her worst box-office result."

The said source adds that the odds were "stacked against" the couple and that Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky were never going to be one of Hollywood's "golden" couples.

Another source states that many were wondering what Jen was thinking, becoming wrapped up in a relationship with Darren, and even refers to the relationship as very "unhealthy." Now, however, friends are reportedly happy that Jen is beginning to realize that her life is better without Darren in it.

The publication claims that the romance is "fizzling out fast" and, as mentioned, that much of the trouble within the relationship stems from the poor box-office response to the film that brought the pair together. It's clear that Jen is used to impressing the academy and movie-goers worldwide. This, therefore, must have been a blow to the confidence, and the actress likely ties the director to the flop.

Neither Jennifer Lawrence nor Darren Aronofsky has commented on the recent claims regarding their relationship.

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