Angelina Jolie Reportedly Jealous Of Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston But Not Even Onto Ruth Negga Dates

In the wake of Angelina Jolie’s and Brad Pitt’s split, multiple reports have claimed that Pitt chose to reunite with his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston. At the same time, rumors soared linking Brad to various women, with his latest alleged romance with his co-star Ruth Negga. Now, a new report claims that Angelina is feeling jealous of Pitt’s reunion with Aniston. But when it comes to Brad’s reported sizzling chemistry with Ruth, Jolie supposedly doesn’t even know that her estranged husband is reportedly dating his co-star.

Angelina Jolie Angry About Brad Pitt’s & Jennifer Aniston’s Bond?

A source quoted by Celebrity Insider clarified why Angelina might feel jealous of Pitt and Aniston.

“Even though it was Angelina’s decision to split with Brad, she still feels possessive when it comes to him, and Angelina has a jealous streak.”

But although Brad and Jennifer Aniston have reportedly become close ever since Pitt apologized to his ex-wife, Jennifer’s husband, Justin Theroux, apparently doesn’t share Jolie’s alleged jealousy. The insider explained that Brad and Jennifer have a friendship rather than a romance.

In addition, the actor’s reunion with Aniston and the bond that subsequently formed reportedly have made a difference to Pitt’s career and personal life. Brad reportedly has blossomed since his split from Angelina with Jennifer’s guidance.

Angelina Jolie reportedly is jealous of Brad Pitt's bond with Jennifer Aniston.
Angelina Jolie reportedly is jealous of Brad Pitt's bond with Jennifer Aniston. [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

Brad reportedly is getting advice from Aniston about his career as well as his personal life. When Angelina learned that Pitt was spending so much time talking with Jennifer, she reportedly reacted by “fuming over the bond that now exists between Aniston and her estranged husband,” reported the publication.

Should Justin Theroux Be Jealous?

In contrast to Angelina’s alleged reaction to Jennifer’s and Brad’s bond, the insider said that Aniston’s husband has no reason to stress. Pitt reportedly has great respect for Justin and does not desire to steal Aniston from Theroux.

As for why Jennifer is so forgiving, the source pointed out that Aniston has the ability to empathize with Brad’s “pain and heartache” over his split from Jolie. Jennifer experienced similar emotional anguish when Pitt divorced her. Consequently, the publication reported that Brad is finding Aniston’s advice extremely helpful.

“[Brad Pitt is] finding comfort in the words and tips provided by [Jennifer] Aniston.”

But it isn’t just Pitt’s renewed relationship with Jennifer that has allegedly upset Angelina. Jolie is also reportedly worrying about Brad’s dating life.

Angelina Jolie Reportedly Avoids Brad Pitt Dating Reports

The insider noted that Angelina recognizes that eventually, Pitt probably will begin dating again. But Jolie allegedly is putting on blinders when it comes to reading about Brad’s dating rumors. Angelina reportedly doesn’t even know about the reports that Pitt is dating Ruth Negga, according to the source.

“Angelina knows that Brad will start dating somebody else at some point, but she does not know anything about the rumors of Brad dating Ruth Negga.”

As to how Jolie has successfully avoided the reports linking Pitt and Negga, the source claimed that Angelina has attempted to avoid reading anything on the internet. Jolie reportedly makes one exception when it comes to her online reading material, and that’s for news reports.

Is Ruth Negga the new woman in Brad Pitt's life without Angelina Jolie's knowledge?
Is Ruth Negga the new woman in Brad Pitt's life without Angelina Jolie's knowledge? [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Reportedly Interact Over Kids

While Brad reportedly is busy reuniting with Jennifer and enjoying dates with Ruth, he does make time for interacting with Angelina. But the insider clarified that those interactions are all about Jolie’s and Pitt’s children.

“Brad and Angelina’s interactions are still all about the children.”

Pitt and Jolie call one another if something important arises about one or more of the kids, but those calls are “about it,” added the source. The insider also claimed that when it comes to how Angelina would feel if Brad became serious about a new woman in his life, it would “definitely… sting.”

Brad Pitt And Ruth Negga Sizzle?

Although the source said that Pitt is hesitant to fall in love once more after experiencing heartbreak from his divorce with Jolie, Brad reportedly does feel ready to move on. And Ruth Negga could be a candidate for his next romance, according to the insider.

“Brad has great chemistry with his co-star, Ruth.”

However, Pitt is playing it safe rather than plunging into a full-blown romantic relationship, noted the source. Brad is staying “light and friendly” for now with Negga, and that reportedly has become his dating game plan at this point in his post-split life.

Angelina Jolie Jealousy Rumors Have Swirled For Years

This isn’t the first time that rumors have swirled alleging that Angelina is jealous over Brad’s relationship with Jennifer. In 2010, the Daily Mail reported on rumors that Jolie and Pitt were divorcing. The publication alleged that Angelina was “so jealous” of Aniston that there was speculation Brad would go back to Jennifer.

At the time, Pitt was 46, and heads turned when he attended a celebrity telethon to raise funds for Haiti with his ex-wife Aniston, noted the publication.

“Angelina is notoriously prickly about Jennifer. Her jealousy about [Aniston] has always been hard for Brad to fathom.”

Rumors about the love triangle allegedly involving Jolie, Aniston, and Pitt soared at the time. Even during his relationship with Angelina, sources cited by the publication claimed that Jennifer had provided “a shoulder for him to cry on as his relationship with Angelina has crumbled.”

Now, seven years later, is Aniston playing the same role after Brad’s marriage to Jolie fell apart? Do you think that Angelina is actually jealous of Jennifer? Post your views below.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]