Ohio Gun Group Offers Free Training For Teachers

West Union, OH – The Buckeye Firearms Association, an Ohio gun group, is offering a free weapons training class for teachers. The Armed Teachers Pilot Program includes a three days of firearm training, ammunition, and lodging.

Buckeye Firearms Association Legal Chairman Ken Hanson noted in statement that Ohio teachers and school board members have been “asking us for years” for the kind of training now being offered, Fox News reports. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is working with a consortium of educational and law enforcement groups to devise a plan to better protect educators and students in the state’s public schools.

The Ohio gun group will initially enroll 24 teachers into the pilot program, according to the Columbus Dispatch. Ken Hanson had this to say when expanding upon the reasoning behind the new firearms training program educators in the Buckeye State:

“The long-term goal is to develop a standard Armed Teachers curriculum and make the training available to any teacher or school official. To begin, we will use funds from our educational foundation and solicit donations from corporations to pay for the pilot program. Going forward, we will seek funding from a variety of sources to expand the program.”

The Buckeye Firearms Association is a “grassroots political action committee” focused on advancing and defending the rights of Ohioans to own and use guns for legal activities, according to the mission statement on the group’s website. Teachers interested in enrolling in the Ohio gun training program can do so by filling out a questionnaire on the organization’s website.