Tyrese: The Rock Looks ‘Selfish’ After Release Of ‘Fast & Furious’ Spin-Off Trailer

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has released a new trailer for his upcoming The Fast & The Furious spin-off movie on his Instagram page. But Tyrese Gibson is still upset about the film project and has said The Rock looks “selfish” because of it.

“Pumped to expand and build out the FAST & FURIOUS universe in a cool, exciting way with our @sevenbucksprod, writer/producer Chris Morgan, producer Hiram Garcia and lead producer and my bigger twin, Neil Moritz,” Johnson wrote in the caption beneath the teaser video.

The spin-off will star The Rock, reprising his role as special agent Hobbs, alongside Jason Statham’s criminal genius, Deckard Shaw. The two characters are expected to join forces on a mission, but the details of the plot haven’t been released as yet. According to Variety, there were rumors that Charlize Theron would reprise her role as Cypher from The Fate Of The Furious, but her involvement in the Hobbs spin-off hasn’t been confirmed.

The film doesn’t have a title or a director yet either but most people have been calling it the “Hobbs movie.” It’s set to be released on July 26, 2019. Filming will begin in August 2018 to accommodate Johnson’s hectic schedule. This means that the release of the next Fast & Furious will be pushed back to 2020.

Tyrese had previously expressed disappointment that The Rock was pursuing this project because it means that the next installment of the original franchise will be delayed.


The “Shame” singer recently told TMZ that he isn’t “hating” on The Rock for getting a spin-off movie. He just wishes that it was being released at a different time.

“I just got a problem with Dwayne, it appears that he’s being selfish, it appears that he’s so focused on furthering his own self-interests, ” Gibson said.

He added that he thought that it was “f**ked up” that Fast & Furious 9 would not be coming out until 2020 and that the only other time one of the movies was delayed, it was due to Paul Walker’s untimely death.

Tyrese first posted his concerns about the timing of the spin-off movie on social media. In multiple posts which have since been deleted, he slammed The Rock for pursuing the project and urged the former superstar wrestler to call him. Many fans have been speculating that the video below was The Rock’s subliminal response to his unhappy Fast & Furious co-star.


Are you excited about The Rock’s Fast & Furious spinoff movie? Do you agree with Tyrese about Dwayne Johnson being selfish? Let us know whose side you’re on in the comments below.


Tyrese Gibson Blasts Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson For Delaying Next ‘Fast And Furious’ Movie

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