The Best UFL game nobody saw

Being an upstart league, without the support of one of the major Television networks, can be very aggravating. SO far the games the UFL games featured on the Cable Channel Versus have been rather boring and they seem to drag on and on. Not so for the game between the Las Vegas Locos and the Florida Tuskers. By far these are the two best teams in this upstart league and if they both can make it to the first championship game, which should be an interesting affair. The Tuskers at 4-0 are already guaranteed a spot in the final game, but the performance turned in by these two teams Saturday night was by far the best UFL game to date.

The game was broadcasted on Mark Cuban’s HD net TV channel and for those lucky enough to have that as part of their cable package got to watch it on TV, the rest of us had to watch via the live feed on the UFL website. In all reality though there were few people in the crowd, few people watching on TV and even fewer watching online.

It is really too bad because this game had it all, an offensive shootout where each team took turns leading the game. At each major point of the game a player from one team stepped up and made a play to keep his team in it. Far too often in this league the players squander their chanced at making a big play.

The Tuskers won 27-24 but they were never that far ahead of the Locos, and this game was not decided until the last minute of play. For an upstart league it is exactly the kind of game they needed, and if they can have more games like this one, this league has a shot at surviving.