‘Alaskan Bush People’ Rain Brown’s Public Battle With Depression Causes Concerns For Some Supporters

Alaskan Bush People fans have often found that Rain Brown’s posts were the only source of information on Ami’s health. Rain is very active on social media, and her popularity has greatly increased. The 14-year-old is facing so many changes in her life all at once, and she speaks openly about it on her social media.

Fans of Alaskan Bush People know the Brown family is very close; much more so than most families. Over seven seasons of the show, fans saw all seven of the children chose to stay with their parents in the backcountry of Alaska. Rain was a very young girl when it all began and had grown up in front of the cameras.

Since leaving the bush of Alaska so that Ami could be treated for lung cancer in California, Rain’s entire world has changed. She is now a teenager trying to find her way in a society of which she once lived on the outskirts. While she is adjusting to that, she has to face terrible cancer that has stricken her mother. While Bam Bam had already left the Wolfpack, Rain is now facing even more of her siblings finding their own path. This is a lot for a 14-year-old to come to grips with all at once.

Fans on social media have reached out to the teenager as she has posted her feelings. The Hollywood Gossip reports that some have been insensitive with statements regarding her age and inability to suffer from depression. Most fans, however, are supportive of Rain Brown as she shares her feelings; often through song lyrics.


Part of growing up is being a teenager and dealing with raging hormones that can lead to intense emotions. That isn’t the blanket answer to the question of teenage depression, however. Depression is a very real threat to teenagers. Rain Brown, who is going through so many life changes as she faces losing her mother, may find her situation leads to depression. She is a young girl that knows she has a problem and acknowledges it. That shows that she is wise beyond her 14 years.

Do you think that Rain Brown is getting the help she needs to handle the tough situations she is facing? Do you think the Alaskan Bush People family will reunite in Colorado? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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