Raquel Welch Unrecognizable In New Photos: Rare Sighting Shows 77-Year-Old Makeup-Free And Dressed Down

Raquel Welch looks unrecognizable in new photos captured of her going for a walk in Los Angeles. The 77-year-old Hollywood icon was spotted out and about exercising, but wasn’t so unrecognizable that photographers overlooked her.

The actress is among one of the most beautiful actresses in the world. Known for her smoldering beauty and insanely sexy body, Raquel Welch was photographed wearing no make-up and completely covered while out on her walk in sunny L.A.

Daily Mail published photos of Welch that were snapped last month on her birthday. The Bedazzled actress is wearing a beekeeper’s style hat with a scarf wrapped around her head, a loosely-fitted sweater over a blouse, long pants, and tennis shoes. The ensemble clearly was meant to help protect Raquel from the harmful UV rays. She’s known to take immaculate care of herself to maintain her youthful image. While many actresses are successful at looking good with age, Raquel Welch is one of the few that excel in that department.

According to the report, Raquel’s health regime consists of eating a low-carb diet, working out an hour-and-a-half by doing yoga each day, and uses a bizarre beauty treatment involving Bag Balm. It’s a product touted as getting rid of wrinkles and is what farmers are said to use to “soothe their cows’ skin if it becomes sore.”

Raquel Welch has been married four times and has said that none of them worked out because she’s more content single. In 2015, she shared that she’s set in her ways and enjoys being herself, which she makes a “very good living at.” The star doesn’t believe she needs a man in her life and is happy doing as she pleases.

Welch’s meteoric rise to fame came after appearing in the 1967 film, One Million Years BC. Despite her flawless beauty, Raquel insists she’s never had plastic surgery. She claims to look after herself the “same way you maintain your home.”

The below photos posted on Facebook by Daily Mail show Raquel Welch sans the makeup in her workout attire.

More images can be seen of her here.

[Featured Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Barneys New York]