‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Franco’s Quest Takes Terrifying Turn, Patient 6’s Return Stirs The Monster Within

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Franco’s (Roger Howarth) quest takes a terrifying turn as he struggles to straighten out the tangled web of lies, dark secrets, sinister purposes, and mysterious hidden agendas spun to obscure the truth about his past. His efforts to shed the light of truth on unanswered questions about his childhood are being stymied at every turn by people who should be his trusted allies.

Franco’s frustration grows as he struggles to overcome the formidable obstacles deliberately placed to obstruct his journey to self-discovery. The effect of Franco’s intensifying sense of frustration proves to be frightening. General Hospital spoilers state that Franco’s journey to self-discovery takes him in a terrifying direction as past demons return to haunt him.

GH spoilers also hint that Franco’s frightening troubles affect his relationship with Liz (Rebecca Herbst).

A major issue that impacts Franco is the Jason twin mystery. Fans will recall that his adoptive mother, Betsy (Deborah Strang), withheld important truths from him when she confessed that the boy in the photo from his childhood was indeed a twin, however, not Franco’s twin, but Jason’s.

Betsy lied to Franco when she said the boy died of a medical condition.

The missing pieces of the complex jigsaw begin to fall into place when Patient 6 returns to Port Charles. The shocking impact of the revelation that the custodians of his childhood conspired to throw a thick blanket of lies, deceit, and contrived mystery over their heinous past crimes stirs up the demons of his psychopathic killer past and threatens to unleash the monster lying dormant just below the surface.

Franco will struggle to keep the resurrected demons under control, but he might just find them too powerful to completely rein in. While he battles with dark and dormant impulses being stirred back to life by anger and frustration following the discovery that he has been lied to all his life, his closest companions, including Liz, play a crucial role in the struggle to sustain his will to overcome the primal urges battling for expression.


It remains to be seen how Franco manages the epic Faustian struggle with the dark side of his being. Will he allow his frustrations and anger to release the monster in him to wreak vengeance and terrible retribution on those who mismanaged his childhood while pursuing selfish and sinister goals of their own?

General Hospital spoilers hint that Franco will not revert to his old self. He will not become once again the psychopathic killer who terrorized people and families who crossed his path. The homicidal monster would likely remain in the past. The torment and trials that Franco goes through will be those of a man whose good and evil sides confront each other in an epic battle for dominance.

The positive forces will eventually prevail over the negative forces straining for expression. However, the victory will come at a price to Franco and his loved ones.

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