Twitter Blasts Students Who Threw Beer At Lakers Fans For Kneeling During Anthem [Video]

A huge Twitter backlash awaited two young white women who threw beer at two Lakers fan for kneeling during the anthem at a game and then posted the video on the micro-blogging site with a reprehensible caption to accompany it.

Not surprisingly, the video created a massive uproar on Twitter, with users calling the women out for their racist taunts and unacceptable behavior. Both women are students at the California Baptist University, according to the Tab.

Haley Perea and Savannah Sugg were watching the Lakers game Friday night when they noticed a couple of unidentified Lakers fans kneeling during the game. Perea threw the beer she was carrying at one of the men who can be briefly seen in the video, which was being filmed by Sugg.

“Excuse me, this is for the national anthem you pieces of s***,” we can hear Perea screaming at the men.

As if that was not disgraceful enough on part of the students, Sugg went on to upload the video she had shot with the following repugnant caption.

“‘Take a kneel for the land of the slaves.’ Disrespect our flag and our country and that’s how we’ll react,” she wrote on Twitter, inviting the wrath of thousands of users, who condemned the actions and implored the authorities to take stringent action against the two women.


After the widespread condemnation, both women deleted the video as well as their accounts on Twitter. It is not clear yet if Perea and Sugg will face action either by their college authorities or law enforcement, but Twitter users contend that such behavior must not go unpunished, because it would definitely embolden racists everywhere to carry on with their deplorable deeds.

The video prompted a deluge of social media backlash against the two women, with users suggesting that the toxic environment under Donald Trump has helped racists receive a shot in their arms. Yet others pointed out how things in America had not changed for minorities even six decades after the Civil Rights Movement, as reported by Mail Online.


Although the identity of the men who were kneeling during the game has not been revealed, a community college student who is familiar with the incident, Tony Messina, gave a fuller account of what took place and said that the Lakers fans who faced the brunt of such abhorrent action were planning to press charges for assault and hate crime against both Perea and Sugg.

“I was not there but my friends came over right after the incident. They didn’t stand during the national anthem, and during the fourth quarter is when the girls threw the beer on them. They tried to chase after them to make sure they were caught, but a little bit later they were assaulted by this other white guy. I guess the girl went up to the students and so he came up to my friend. He ended up putting up my hand around my black friend’s neck, and said: ‘boy, you need to be put in your place.’

“The police came, and after two minutes of questioning, they let that guy go. They were upset, they were bewildered. They couldn’t believe what happened to them. They really did nothing wrong. Those girls can’t just get away with this, or they’ll keep thinking it’s OK.”

It remains to be seen if the two women will be held accountable for what they did, but Twitter sure is not forgiving them, and although that might not be what the two women deserve, it might just dampen the spirits of these two young women who thought it was fine to flaunt one’s prejudices so valiantly on the social media site.

(Warning: Contains NSFW language.)

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