Jill Duggar Involved In Yet Another Parenting Controversy — What Did She Do This Time?

It can’t be easy being Jill Duggar (or, Jill Dillard, as she goes by these days) – her every move is scrutinized and evaluated by tens of thousands of people she’s never met, many of whom aren’t exactly wishing her the best. That’s especially true when she posts anything on social media that even remotely relates to her parenting: someone is going to find a “flaw” in it, and give her unending grief about it.

This was apparent a few weeks ago when, as reported by the Inquisitr, the family went to a friend’s farm for the day and, apparently lacking another means of protect Samuel from the sun, covered his head with a tortilla shell. As previously explained, that photo captured only a specific moment in the family’s day — the moment when the photographer snapped the picture. It doesn’t indicate, for example, that the family neglected to bring any other means of protecting their kids from the sun that day, or that they routinely expose their kids to dangerous UV rays. Nevertheless, fans went nuts criticizing Jill’s parenting.

The latest “controversy” involving Jill’s parenting is even more mundane than Samuel’s tortilla hat. Here is Jill’s latest controversial photo: see if you can spot the “problem.”

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That’s Jill’s husband Derick there, expertly burping three-month-old Samuel. So far, so good, right? Take a look at Derick’s feet: that’s 2-year-old Israel there, and he’s directly in the line of fire, so to speak, should Samuel’s burping produce something more than a burp, as babies are likely to sometimes do.

That’s it. The latest Duggar parenting controversy, as The Hollywood Gossip reports, is that Jill allowed Israel to sit in a place where he might possibly get puked on by his younger brother.

“Oh dear Israel! You’re right in the line of fire!”

“Adorable, but I can’t help but see that Israel is in perfect position to receive the spit-up!”

Other fans are taking the Dillards to task for an even more mundane reason: Jill isn’t posting on social media as often as they think she should, apparently depriving them of the chance to criticize her parenting in the process.

Nevertheless, minor parenting mishaps and dialing back their social media presence are hardly the worst scandals facing anyone named “Duggar” these days. And if Jill and Derick can make it through their parenting journey with nothing more than minor criticisms about tortilla shells and unfortunate timing, they’ll be OK.

[Featured Image by Jill Dillard/Instagram]