'Outlander' Spoilers: Claire & Jamie Reunite, What Happens Next?

Outlander fans finally got the big reunion they've been waiting for during Sunday night's all-new episode. The episode marked the first time that Claire and Jamie had seen each other in Season 3 after 20 years have passed between them.

Warning: Major Outlander spoilers below!

According to Hollywood Life, Outlander viewers were thrilled to see the couple on screen together again, but it was a short-lived reunion as when Jamie laid eyes on Claire for the first time, he was so overcome with emotion and surprise that he actually fainted, and the episode ended there with a bit of a cliffhanger.

Sadly, fans will not get to see the conclusion of that cliffhanger for two more weeks as there will not be a new episode of Outlander this Sunday. Instead, viewers will be left to wonder what will happen when Claire and Jamie finally speak to one another for the first time in 20 years. Luckily, a new preview and some book spoilers are giving fans some big clues.

According to Radio Times, the next episode of Outlander will be an extended one. This means that fans will get to see Claire and Jamie's reunion and that the show will last for over an hour. It seems the episode will run about 75 minutes. So, what will happen in the episode?

It looks like viewers will see Claire and Jamie's initial shock of being back together, and while they'll be overjoyed to see one another again, there will be a bit of awkwardness to their reunion. It's been a long time since they've been together, and they'll be a bit rusty at interacting with each other. However, they'll power through it and learn about what each other has been up to during their time apart.

Outlander fans know that Jamie has been living a very interesting life since he said goodbye to Claire, and he may have some very big secrets to tell his wife. As fans of the book series know, Jamie has married someone new, and the news will likely come as a big shock to Claire. Meanwhile, fans also know that Jamie has fathered a son during the couple's time apart.

Of course, fans will get what they want, which is a Claire and Jamie bedroom scene, as the preview for the upcoming episode reveals that the couple will reunite in an intimate way after their big reunion.

What are your thoughts on the latest Outlander Season 3 spoilers? Are you excited to watch the next episode?

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