Model Y: Tesla’s Affordable EV SUV Is Starting To Make Waves Again, Is A Reveal Happening Soon?

With Tesla’s fanbase pretty much just waiting for the consumer deliveries of the Model 3, all eyes are starting to focus on the next part of CEO Elon Musk’s master plan. With an affordable electric sedan already on its way to customers, the next step for the upstart carmaker is to release its next big bestseller — a crossover electric SUV, dubbed the Model Y.

Details about the Model Y are few, with Musk teasing the vehicle’s silhouette earlier this year. Built as a crossover SUV, the Model Y would be Tesla’s entry into the hyper-competitive small SUV market, where established brands and veterans such as the Toyota Rav4, the Honda CR-V and the Ford Escape compete in. Nevertheless, EV enthusiasts remain optimistic about the Model Y as soon as the first teaser image of the vehicle was released, according to an Inside EVs report.

A huge part of the interest that surrounded the crossover EV SUV was the fact that Musk’s teaser did not feature any side mirrors at all, suggesting that the Model Y might end up dropping the traditional car components in favor of external cameras that help the driver see around the vehicle. Apart from this, Musk’s teaser, regardless of how little it showed, all but indicated that the Model Y would be one attractive piece of machinery and technology.

Since the teaser was dropped, several news outlets have created renders that were inspired and based on the little information the CEO provided. Some of them, such as this render created by Omni Auto, are extremely well-made, depicting the Model Y as pretty much the crossover version of the Model 3.

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In a lot of ways, these new renders make sense, especially since the Model Y might very well be built on the Model 3 platform. This could be done to simplify the manufacturing process for the crossover EV. The Model Y, after all, is designed to be a relatively affordable vehicle like its Model 3 sibling. Thus, designing the vehicle in as simple way as possible is of primary importance.

With new renders of the Model Y emerging at an increased pace, it almost seems like Tesla is about to unveil the vehicle in the near future. Such a development is possible too, especially since rumors have emerged stating that the carmaker would announce something special in the Tesla Semi reveal event, which is scheduled for mid-November.

If speculations among Tesla fans prove correct and the Model Y does get announced soon, the world of crossover electric SUVs would probably change forever, much like the world of compact cars changed with the Model 3 and the market for luxury family sedans changed with the Model S. At this point, EV enthusiasts are hopeful that the Model Y’s reveal will be held sooner, not later.

[Featured Image by Tesla]