Model Y: Tesla’s Crossover Will Be Beaten To The Punch By The Nissan Leaf’s SUV Variant

With the Tesla Model 3 deliveries now starting, the attention of the EV community is focused on the next mass-market vehicle that the upstart carmaker is set to unveil: the highly rumored Model Y. The crossover SUV, which was officially teased earlier this year, does not have a release or reveal date yet. Unfortunately for Tesla, it seems like Nissan might beat its crossover EV to the punch, with the Japanese carmaker set to unveil its Leaf SUV within the next few months.

Nissan’s crossover electric SUV, which is tentatively called the Leaf SUV by EV enthusiasts, has already been confirmed by the Japanese firm’s design chief, Alfonso Albaisa. Expectations are high that the crossover, either in the form of a working prototype or a concept vehicle, would be officially unveiled at the upcoming 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, according to an Auto Evolution report.

Nissan has done a pretty incredible job keeping the details of the Leaf SUV secret. Despite the vehicle being so close to its official reveal, no spy photos nor design sketches have been leaked to the public. Details about the Leaf SUV’s components, such as its electric motor, powertrain and battery pack remain unknown.

Despite the absence of details and the lack of leaks about the upcoming vehicle, the anticipation surrounding the Nissan Leaf SUV remain pretty high. After all, the second-generation Leaf, which was recently released, has enjoyed widespread acclaim from owners and critics alike, mainly for its improved design and range.

Considering how well-designed the current iteration of the Nissan Leaf is, there is a very good chance that the Leaf SUV would be even more remarkable. Its power and range, for one, would likely be slightly below the power of leaders in the EV SUV industry, such as the Tesla Model X.

With the arrival of the Leaf SUV, the competition in the crossover EV market has just gotten a lot more intense. Interest in the Leaf SUV, however, could be in jeopardy, as recent rumors have emerged stating that Tesla might unveil a number of new pertinent details about the Model Y during the reveal event of the Tesla Semi, which is set to happen within the next few weeks, as stated in a Gears of Biz report. These rumors, however, remain unconfirmed. Thus, these speculations must be taken with a generous helping of salt.

For now, the green car community could at least be assured that the Nissan Leaf SUV is coming very soon, and if rumors prove true, some official details about the Tesla Model Y might be following soon after.

[Featured Image by Tesla]

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