‘American Horror Story: Cult’ Finally Beats ‘Fear The Walking Dead,’ See The Results Here

American Horror Story: Cult has finally achieved a milestone for the FX anthology franchise with a comfortable lead over a Walking Dead franchise in the ratings. Although many might have thought this would be in an impossible feat to accomplish, AHS: Cult has come out swinging and put themselves at the top of the horror TV genre, that is until Season 8 of The Walking Dead Premieres on October 22.

Now that might not be a lot to cheer about, given the ratings for Fear The Walking Dead have not been on the rise in the past two years and its third seasons has not done anything to improve upon the success of its parent show. But American Horror Story: Cult does show that they have some staying power in the ratings, even considering the lackluster performance of Season 6, American Horror Story: Roanoke. As a matter of fact, that might speak to quite the opposite of how well they have been performing.

According to data collected by Zap2it on their TV By The Numbers online publication, same day results for the week of September 25 showed that American Horror Story: Cult earned a 1.1 rating (2.2 in L + 3), while Fear The Walking Dead pulled in a 0.9 rating (1.4 in L + 3). Now that is only two-tenths of a rating point, so calling it a close race is reasonable at this point.

Let’s just take a moment to translate that into viewers. Many people have a hard time making the translation, given ratings and shares measure the percentage of an overall audience that is watching television on a specific night, or data compiled and averaged for a week. So in more specific terms, the size of the viewing audience for American Horror Story: Cult was 4.3 million viewers (rounded up). That same week, Fear The Walking Dead pulled in 3.4 million viewers (rounded down).

Fans of both shows should know that these audience measurements are from data that is collected on a “Live + 3 basis,” which basically means the amount of people that watched the episode live combined with the amount of people who watched over the next three days (DVR, online, etc.). It should also be noted that The Walking Dead, even though they have had declining ratings over the past few years, still earns a minimum of 10 million viewers per episode… on a bad night.

[Featured Image by FX]