‘The X-Files’ Season 11 Possibly Not Dealing With Mulder And Scully’s Son William Disappearance

It has been more than a year but people have not gotten over the crazy cliffhanger in the final episode of The X-Files revival. Some fans have already admitted that they are only looking forward to The X-Files Season 11 to find out what happened to Dana Scully when the UFO arrived at the finale’s last moments. Others are also concerned about the whereabouts of William, Scully’s son with Fox Mulder.

But is it possible that the events in the 2016 mini-series will not be addressed in The X-Files Season 11? Chris Carter has dropped a major bombshell about the upcoming season moving past the previous season finale and hurtling forward with a new storyline.

Chris Carter recently spoke to Den of Geek about The X-Files Season 11. The series creator admitted that he felt that he needed to deal with all the “questions” that were asked about Fox Mulder’s condition, Dana Scully’s fate as well as William’s possible disappearance. However, Carter also pointed out that the answers will not be given at the season premiere. He stated that “there is a reset” because this is the unspoken series tradition with “the mythology episodes.” Could this mean that Mulder and Scully will simply forget that their son is missing?

Chris Carter has revealed that 'The X-Files' Season 11 will feature a "reset". [Image by Angela Weiss/Getty Images]

X-Files fans might be familiar with Chris Carter’s “reset” since it happens several times in the series. Most of the mythology episodes have been immediately followed up by monster-of-the-week episodes that refuse to address what happened in their predecessors. The good news is, there is a chance that the Spartan Virus will no longer affect Mulder in The X-Files Season 11. Unfortunately, there is still a problem since no one is sure where William was when the aliens arrived.

There have been speculations that William may have abducted just before the UFO appeared. Some fans theorize that Mulder and Scully’s son was taken because of his parents. Hopefully, William will return in The X-Files Season 11.

The mythology episodes are not the only things to look forward to in the Fox series. Chris Carter has revealed that long-time writer Darin Morgan has yet another episode that sounds like a tribute to The X-Files. According to Carter, it “pokes fun at the show as [Morgan] renders it in a loving way as well.”

The X-Files Season 11 is expected to premiere on Fox in early 2018.

[Feature Image by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images]