Las Vegas Shooting Victim’s Family Moves To Freeze Stephen Paddock’s Assets: Father Of Six Killed In Massacre

Stephen Paddock was a self-made millionaire from his business ventures and his high-stakes gambling. The first Las Vegas shooting victim’s family to make a move on his assets has emerged and filed a petition in Clark County District Court to have his estate frozen.

If the family’s request is granted, this will block any possible heirs, such as Paddock’s girlfriend Marilou Danley and his brother Eric Paddock, from transferring money from his estate. This would leave his assets intact for the victims’ families to file lawsuits if they so choose to do so. The family of a California man killed in the Las Vegas shooting was the first to come forth and petition the court.

The victim, John Phippen, 56, was in the crowd with his adult son when bullets rained down on the crowd. John Phippen was shot and killed during Paddock’s reign of carnage at the Las Vegas concert. He was a father of six who hailed from Santa Clarita, California. His son, Travis Phippen, was injured in the concert shooting, according to ABC News.

The petition asked the judge to appoint Clark County Public Administrator John Cahill to oversee the estate of Paddock so the family of John Phippen, along with other victims’ families who “suffered loss, distress, and injuries,” could pursue lawsuits against Paddock’s estate if they so choose. The petition also requests that the judge allow Cahill to take possession of the assets for “safe keeping.”

This move was orchestrated by the California law firm of Owen, Patterson & Owen. Attorney Robert Patterson of the firm said this petition to freeze Paddock’s assets “is to the benefit of everyone.” He also said that “it will preserve the asset subject to the court’s direction and future distribution.”

According to the Daily Mail, Paddock had sent his girlfriend money, $100,000, while in the Philippines. This brought up suggestions that Paddock knew his assets would be frozen after he pulled off his disturbing plans. Some believed this was his way of making sure his girlfriend would not be left penniless. Although, Paddock’s brother Eric, who spoke with reporters, did say that $100,000 wasn’t a lot of money for someone who had amassed a fortune the size of his brother’s. “We’re wealthy people, $100k isn’t that much money,” Paddock’s brother told reporters, according to Mass Live.

[Featured Image by Jonathan Cooper/AP Images]