Santa Gets Parking Ticket In L.A., Can’t Talk His Way Out Of It

Here’s a sign your city is tough on crime — even Santa gets a parking ticket in L.A.

The incident happened at a meter in downtown Los Angeles. A parking meter attendant found a car that was parked illegally, and just as he was starting to write the ticket the owner showed up, the Daily Mail noted. It was none other than Santa Clause.

Apparently the jolly old elf was doing some last-minute errands before his annual trip to deliver toys and goodies around the world. He soon found out though that when you park illegally, even Santa gets a parking ticket in L.A.

The man tried to plead that he was just coming back to his car, but apparently the parking meter attendant wasn’t afraid of being put on the naughty list, and gave Santa a parking ticket anyway. Onlookers said the attendant went directly toward the car when he saw it was parked illegally and seemed unmoved by Santa’s pleading.

So the news that Santa gets a parking ticket in L.A. sounds bad, but it’s actually not the only misbehavior from Saint Nick this year. At a mall in Maine, Santa was fired for being grumpy to children, apparently not letting some of them sit on his lap, the NY Post reported. And at a mall in Virginia, Santa delivered a lecture to any child who asked for a toy gun, saying, “You won’t get one from me.”

So between these incidents and the topper this week when Santa gets a parking ticket in L.A., it leads to the question — is Santa on the naughty list this year?