Simon Saran Slams Courtland Rogers On Twitter, ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Prepping For ‘Being Simon’

Simon Saran is a force to be reckoned with. His on-again-off-again relationship with Farrah Abraham has been documented through Teen Mom OG. The two are apparently on again at the moment, though that doesn’t mean there isn’t going to be another split on the horizon. Because Saran has been a huge part of the MTV franchise, the show offered him his own special. This is a big deal because the ones who have been offered the same have all been married to or have had children with the star they were attached to while filming.

Being Simon is set to air this coming Wednesday on MTV. It will be an hour-long special featuring Simon Saran in his everyday life. He confirmed this was coming back in July, but Farrah Abraham shaded him when he mentioned it. The two have been hot and cold for several months now, but have been vacationing together recently. Saran is a businessman, and now, Abraham is back to selling sex.

With Simon’s special debuting this week, he has been super active on Twitter. According to Starcasm, Simon Saran and Courtland Rogers got into an insult match where one went a little too far. Everyone knows that Twitter is the place where anything goes. Racial comments, insults, and everything else can be seen on the platform with no enforcing of etiquette. Saran was going off about Donald Trump being blamed for the Las Vegas massacre, and Rogers decided to have his say with him. It appears that since Jenelle Evans no longer wants anything to do with Courtland, he is really trying to stay relevant.

Both men reverted to heavy insults, with Courtland Rogers insinuating that Simon Saran was a terrorist with a tweet about hijacking a plane. Of course, Simon wasn’t innocent in the debate, but Courtland really went the whole nine yards with his comments. There is a streak of jealousy there. Being Simon is airing this upcoming week and since Rogers no longer has any connection to the show, there may be a little bitterness there. The two exchanged a few more tweets and that was that.

Teen Mom OG is likely coming back for another season. There are plenty of fans who want to know about what is happening with the stars, and Simon Saran will be missed. It is unclear whether or not Farrah Abraham will remain a part of the show with her latest endeavors, but her mom is reportedly trying hard to hang around. Saran is charismatic enough to be able to snag another reality show if he wanted, but with his booming business, there isn’t an honest need.

[Featured Image by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images]