‘Little People, Big World:’ Matt Roloff Gets The Sweetest Birthday Greeting From Tori, Zach, And Baby Jackson

Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff recently celebrated his birthday, and he got a lot of warm-hearted greetings from the LPBW community. While the Roloff patriarch received a ton of well-wishes, however, the most memorable greeting this year probably came from Tori, Zach, and Baby Jackson Roloff, who surprised Matt with a cake and an on-the-spot photo shoot on the farm.

Matt’s special greeting happened just as he was about to get off his tractor, most likely after he took some guests out for a tour of Roloff Farms. The greeting, which was caught on camera by Jeremy Roloff, featured Zach’s entire family meeting up with Matt. The young family presented a cake to the Roloff patriarch, and Tori gave a visibly happy Baby J to the widely smiling Matt.

Matt seemed to have enjoyed the on-the-spot greeting from his son, daughter-in-law, and grandson. If any, Matt looked really happy as he took Baby J from Tori. The guests on Roloff Farms were also incredibly happy for the patriarch, with many of them clapping their hands and gushing at the adorable family greeting.

Tori uploaded a snapshot of the special event on her curated Instagram page, showing Matt smiling with a birthday hat-wearing Baby Jackson in his arms. Considering how much Matt loves his grandson, there is no doubt that the Roloff patriarch enjoyed every single moment of his birthday greeting.

The year has been quite great for Matt Roloff. Earlier during the year, he welcomed his first grandchild from Zach and Tori, Jackson Roloff. Matt has been head-over-heels with his grandson, posting numerous videos and pictures of the young child on his social media pages. The Roloff patriarch has even shown a tendency to dress up Jackson with grown-up accessories, such as cool shades that simply make the baby so much cuter.

Just recently, Matt also had the privilege of walking his only daughter, Molly Roloff, down the aisle. The wedding, which was closed to the public and held in Molly’s favorite spot in Roloff Farms, was incredibly beautiful, with guests describing the event as almost magical.

Lastly, just a few weeks ago, Matt welcomed his second grandchild, Ember Jean Roloff. Since Ember’s birth, Matt has been on full grandpa mode, speaking about his granddaughter in his social media accounts frequently.

Overall, it seems like Matt’s birthday has been nothing short of perfect. With special greetings from his close family and the Little People, Big World community, it definitely seemed like the Roloff patriarch enjoyed every single moment of his special day.

[Featured Image by Tori Roloff/Instagram]