Teens Arrested For Killing Deaf Man During Robbery

Charlotte, NC – Three teenagers have been arrested in connection with the death of a deaf man who was fatally stabbed, during a robbery. Ashley Owens, 19, Davonta Turner, 18, and Aveance Bryant, 18, allegedly killed 21-year-old Michael Victor Shull, leaving his body in the front yard of a Crestdale Drive home late Friday. He was on his way to see his girlfriend of two years.

WCNC.com reports that Shull’s family, especially his father Cliff, knew Shull had been set up. He’d agreed to give his girlfriend’s brother a ride, and that brother, his sister, and the brother’s girlfriend attacked and robbed Shull and stabbed him to death.

The three suspects were taken into custody over the weekend and charged with murder, robbery with a lethal weapon, and conspiracy to commit robbery. Turner and Owens both have preexisting criminal records related to drugs, breaking and entering, and solicitation. They’ve been remanded without bond.

Although two of the three suspects were related to Shull’s girlfriend, investigators are confident the victim’s girlfriend was completely unaware of their intended crime. The family is suspicious, but there is no direct evidence she was involved.

Michael Shull, youngest of four, was a recent graduate of the North Carolina School for the Deaf in Morganton, and he had been working at a tire shop prior to his death, according to family members and The Charlotte Observer. He will be fondly remembered by his loved ones for being generous, independent, and kind. They feel the entire event is bewildering and senseless, given Shull would have gladly helped anyone who needed it, had they just asked.