Kim Wall’s Head And Legs Found In Copenhagen: Journalist’s Missing Body Parts Located After Two Months


Kim Wall, the murdered Swedish Journalist, had missing body parts when her body was discovered along the shore. She was believed to have mysteriously died while aboard Peter Madsen’s homemade submarine in August 10.

On Friday, BBC reported that divers have recovered Kim Wall’s missing head and legs in Copenhagen. It was stated that the body parts were found in plastic bags that also contain clothing, metal pieces and a knife.

Apparently, the heavy metals were placed inside so that the bag will sink deeper in the water. Copenhagen police investigator, Jens Moeller Jensen, confirmed this theory to be correct.

Kim Wall’s head, legs, shoes, underwear and other pieces of clothing were found two months after her disappearance, in Koge Bay. Based on the autopsy, Kim Wall’s body parts were mutilated and smashed to prevent them from floating in the water.

Peter Madsen, a Danish inventor, has been charged with the killing of 30-year-old Kim Wall. However, he denied that he murdered the journalist.

On Aug. 10, Kim Wall disappeared after she accompanied Madsen on a trip in his homemade submarine. The underwater craft sank the next day and the inventor was rescued, however, the journalist was not with him anymore.

Consequently, he was arrested after the rescue. While being questioned, Peter Madsen initially told police he left Kim by the seashore alive, but he changed his story when Wall’s blood was found in his underwater craft.

During his court appearance in Copenhagen tribunal on Sept. 5, Madsen testified that Kim Wall was hit in the head by a 155-pound metal hatch and fell.

“It was a terrible accident, a disaster, no doctor could have done anything,” the 46-year-old inventor told the judge.

“Kim was severely injured. There was a pool of blood where she landed. I touched her neck, but she had no pulse,” Madsen added.

This statement, however, does not match with the police’s findings after examining Kim Wall’s head. No fracture was detected on the journalist’s skull so Madsen’s court testimony is quite contradictory.

Now, unless Peter Madsen confesses to the crime, no one will ever know what really happened to Kim. While on the trip in his submarine, does her line of questioning made him angry? Were there some unwanted sexual advances that led to the tragedy? Or perhaps, something else happened.

No one really knows, but Madsen alone can shed light on what took place while he and Kim were on a trip in the submarine.

In any case, Kim Wall was stabbed 15 times and her limbs were cut off from her body. She was also decapitated using a hacksaw and her headless body washed ashore and was identified by the police on Aug. 21.

Peter Madsen is currently in pre-trial detention for manslaughter. He is still denying the charges so his detention will expire on Oct. 31. Finally, the court will decide if he will remain in custody until the start of the trial.

[Featured Image by Tariq Mikkel Khan/Ritzau via AP Images]