Amy Roloff Rocks The Perfect Outfit, As She Promotes 2017 Pumpkin Season, And ‘LPBW’ Fans Love It

The last few months have been pretty interesting for Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff. Her business is booming, her new relationship with boyfriend Chris Marek seems to be really stable, and she was recently blessed with yet another grandchild, Ember Jean Roloff. This month, the Roloff matriarch is busy with the 2017 pumpkin season, where she, her kids, and her former husband are hard at work hosting the special month-long celebration.

Amy has been very active on social media during the past few days. Her Instagram feed, for one, has prominently featured this year’s pumpkin season. On Friday, Amy went to Instagram once more to promote the celebrations, and she did so in a manner that gained the approval and admiration of her followers in the social media platform.

Amy’s most recent post featured the Roloff matriarch posing beside a table filled with products from her business, Amy’s Little Kitchen. While her social media followers’ reception to Amy’s products were mostly positive, many of the Little People, Big World star’s fans noticed that the reality TV star looks very happy. In fact, many of Amy’s fans even remarked that the Roloff matriarch is simply glowing.

“Oh my goodness. You look awesome!” wrote one of Amy’s followers.

“You look absolutely GORGEOUS!!” another Instagram follower wrote.

One thing that really stuck out to many of Amy’s social media followers was the cute ensemble that the Roloff matriarch wore. In the photo, Amy wore a black top paired with a pink skirt overlaid with a cute poodle pattern. The matriarch paired these with a white polka dot scarf, some earrings, and a long pearl necklace. Needless to say, many of Amy’s fans gushed about how cute the outfit was. Some even remarked that Amy’s entire ensemble had a vintage feel to it.

“What’s the occasion for your beautiful 50’s outfit?” wrote one Instagram follower.

“Such a fun person. Love this vintage look!” another fan wrote.

“Miss Amy, you’re looking good in that poodle skirt!” wrote another.

Looking at Amy’s most recent Instagram upload, it’s understandable why so many LPBW fans are gushing over the Roloff matriarch. In a lot of ways, Amy has been looking a lot happier than usual in her social media uploads. Her smile has been very sincere, and her disposition in her Instagram Stories has been nothing but bubbly. If any, Amy looks happy nowadays, and the Little People, Big World community is loving it.

What do you think about Amy’s most recent Instagram photo? Is Amy really glowing these days? What could be the reason behind Amy’s happy disposition on social media? Sound off in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Amy Roloff/Instagram]