Audrey Roloff Shares Her Favorite Ember Photos To Date, ‘LPBW’ Fans Gush Over Baby’s Emerging Red Hair

Audrey Roloff recently posted the latest batch of Ember Jean’s photos, and they are nothing short of perfection. Uploaded just a couple of hours ago, Auj’s latest post managed to gain thousands of likes and hundreds of comments from the Little People, Big World community, with many of her followers gushing over Baby Ember’s beautiful looks, as well as what seems to be the first signs of red hair growing on the Roloff grandchild’s head.

Baby Ember Jean Roloff has been unusually elusive in social media during the first weeks following her birth. Unlike her cousin, Jackson, whose photos immediately saturated the reality TV family’s social media accounts after his birth, Ember’s pictures took some time before they were shared to the Little People, Big World community.

Despite the delay, Ember’s photos were well worth the wait. When Audrey and Jeremy finally started sharing their daughter’s photos, fans of the reality TV family were immediately struck by how beautiful the newest member of the Roloff family is. The fact that Ember seems to be taking her looks from both Jer and Auj is something that has caused many fans to swoon over the recently-born child.

Audrey’s latest Instagram upload featured her favorite photos of Ember to date. In the caption of her post, Audrey stated that the pictures she shared were “stealing her heart.” The LPBW star also warned her social media followers, remarking that baby-themed uploads will fill her Instagram for a while.

“In case you aren’t on my email list. Swipe right for a few of my fav photos of baby Ember. Just stealing my heart. Be warned; my Insta may be very baby themed for a while.”

The photos that Audrey uploaded were a mixture of images that show her daughter in various poses. There were some showcasing Ember’s photogenic nature, and there was even a photo of Ember posing with a gift that Audrey received during her pregnancy.

Most notably, Audrey’s most recent Instagram upload also featured her daughter posing for her Always More baby onesie line. Needless to say, it seems like Baby Girl Roloff is a natural when it comes to modeling for her mommy’s clothing line.

While the reaction to Audrey’s latest Instagram upload has been overwhelmingly positive, many of the reality TV star’s social media followers noticed one particular thing about Ember. In her newest photos, it almost seems like the youngest member of the Roloff family would be a redhead, just like her mom.

“She is gorgeous! And wait a minute! Do I see a hint of her mama’s incredible red hair? I hope so! How beautiful!” wrote one of Audrey’s followers.

“Omg beautiful she looks like both mom and dad, and you could tell she is going to be tall and with red hair. God bless her,” another fan wrote.

“You both are so blessed. And YES, she looks like she is going to be a redhead, just like her Beautiful Mommie,” wrote another.

What do you think about Ember’s newest photos? Does the younger Roloff grandchild really have red hair like her mommy? Sound off in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Audrey Roloff/Instagram]