‘Dance Moms’: Abby Lee Miller Reportedly Finds Jesus In Prison

Abby Lee Miller’s reportedly hasn’t been doing all that well in prison, but recently, it seems the disgraced reality star has found Jesus. Many people find God when they spend time locked up, and it looks like Abby Lee Miller might not be any different. According to an insider who has spent time at FCI Victorville, the facility where Abby Lee Miller is currently incarcerated, she has fallen into a group called the “holy rollers,” which is a group of extremely religious inmates.

Abby Lee Miller herself has never expressed much interest in religion on her hit show, Dance Moms, though she did refer to herself as a “nice Catholic girl” during a media interview about her crimes.

The insider revealed that the group of religious women is actually pretty feared within the prison, but they spend most of their time singing hymns and reading the Bible. The insider also revealed that Abby Lee Miller fits right in with them.

While it seems as though Abby was having a lot of trouble fitting in and finding her niche in prison, the former reality star may have been able to do just that with her newfound religious friends on the inside.


A few days ago, it was reported that Abby Lee Miller had to rake rocks as an extra punishment for hiding contraband in her prison cell. According to the rules and regulations of the prison, inmates are not allowed to smuggle food from the dining hall to their bunks. It appears Abby Lee had been sneaking fruit to snack on later, which caused her to have to sit with her counselor for over two hours to discuss what would happen.

The reality TV star has stated that she is interested in writing a book about her life in prison once her sentence is finished. She has also teased that she is currently working on a new series that is what she describes as where Dance Moms leaves off. However, the reality TV star will not be able to fully and legally work on her projects until she is a free woman next summer.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]