Cleveland Browns fans to stage protest

Beyond the infamous Black hole of the Oakland Raiders, the Cleveland Browns’ Dawg Pound are arguably one of the most recognizable groups of fans in the NFL. Now their “Leader” Dawg Pound Mike is trying to organize a protest of the near ten years of losing this team has suffered though, since returning to the league. While I can understand the fans being upset with the losing, these kind of protest rarely work, and in the end the fans end up looking rather silly. It is Mike’s plan to have the fans at Cleveland Browns Stadium to stay out of their seats for the opening kick off of the November 16th game versus the Baltimore Ravens.

This kind of fan protests are not new, the Pittsburgh Pirate fans staged a walkout where all the fans got up and walked out of the stadium, only to return an inning later to watch the rest of the game. In Detroit fed up Lions fans have repeatedly tried to stage protests which ended up being little more than a few fans screaming in the vestibule of Ford Field before being escorted out of the game by security.

What these fans always fail to realize is that once a fan has plopped down their money for a ticket, the team by, and large does not care what happens. They already have your money, and you and your four friends staging a ridiculous protest is not going to change that. The only way to affect what is going on with your team is to stop going! It took Detroit Lions fans 50 some years to figure that one out, and in 2009 they are staying away forcing the team to improve before they return.