Travis Scott: The Designer Clothes He Bought Ahead Of Kylie Jenner's 'KUWTK' Baby Birth

Travis Scott is going all out for the forthcoming birth of his first child with Kylie Jenner, it's been reported.

According to Hollywood Life, the rapper is beyond excited about becoming a father, and ever since finding out that his girlfriend is pregnant, he has been pampering her and spoiling her with a ridiculous amount of gifts.

But Kylie isn't the only one that's been receiving the special treatment from her beau.

Sources claim that Travis Scott has spent tens of thousands of dollars on baby clothes, toys, and designer pajamas for the baby girl he's said to be expecting in February.

As this is Travis Scott's first child, he wants to do everything big and clearly isn't holding back as far as money is concerned.

Every other week, the rapper seems to find something new that he wants to purchase for his baby girl, which also includes rare paintings he plans on hanging up in the nursery room.

Insiders believe that Jenner's baby with Travis Scott will not only be the most fashionable, but presumably also the wealthiest in terms of how much money is being spent in her room alone.

Sources tell Hollywood Life that Travis is committed to becoming a parent.

The pregnancy was not planned, it's been stressed, but Scott is doing everything and anything to show his family and friends that he is ready to become a father, despite what fans may have thought upon hearing the news.

The 25-year-old has already cleared his schedule for the majority of 2018, telling his team that he wants to be with his baby and Kylie Jenner, as they adjust to parenthood, and in doing so, he wants to make sure he's set once the little girl arrives.

No one seems to be more committed to being a father than Travis Scott, who is already imagining what kind of activities he will be doing with his baby girl as she gets older, and even when he heads back on tour, it's likely that Kylie and their child will follow along.

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner have yet to announce the pregnancy themselves, but it's said that they want to remain under the radar for as long as they can.

[Featured Image by Matthew Eisman/Getty Images]