New Photo Reveals That Iron Fist Will Make An Appearance In Season 2 Of 'Luke Cage'

Even before The Defenders debuted in August, Netflix and Marvel had already announced that Luke Cage would be returning for a second season in 2018. At the time, there was no word as to how The Defenders would have an impact on the show's second season, or if there would be any potential interactions between the heroes outside of the miniseries. Now that the four heroes that make up the street-level team of the Defenders have been brought together, it should not be surprising to learn that there may end up being some crossover between characters, much like how Luke Cage was introduced in Jessica Jones' series.

While there were no guarantees that any of the street-level heroes would end up crossing paths again any time soon, in a new photo from the set of Luke Cage, it looks like at least one of the hero's teammates will be joining up with him in Season 2.

As Comic Book reminded fans, the Marvel heroes Luke Cage and Danny Rand/Iron Fist met up relatively early on in The Defenders. Although they started off seemingly at odds with each other, by the time all of the heroes went their separate ways, these two had come to an understanding. It is this apparent mutual understanding that makes a reunion between the two in the second season of Luke Cage entirely plausible.

Although the still from the show's set only confirms that Luke Cage and the Iron Fist meet up at least once, for fans of the comics, this tease gives the possibility of the duo teaming up to become the Heroes for Hire at some point in the future. At this point, there are no indications as to what will bring these two characters back together, or even how long they will end up interacting with each other.
Since The Defenders debuted, there have been plenty of fans who have asked about having the different team members reunite along the way, and while there may not be any clues as to how long Danny Rand will be sticking around to potentially help Luke, it looks like fans are getting what they wanted in the second season of Luke Cage.The showrunner for The Defenders, Marco Ramirez, shared his answer about a potential for more team-ups earlier this year when fans first started asking, and according to him, "now that they've all been cross-pollinated, it might be something that people have to think about." As Ramirez pointed out, he really does not have anything to do with the individual shows, but at least in his opinion, now that these heroes have all met each other, "all bets are off." Now that all of these heroes know each other, it is something that should be addressed, and with Luke Cage bringing in the Iron Fist, it looks like it will definitely happen, at least once.

[Featured Image by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images]