Reason For Jana Duggar's 'Unlucky' Love Life Revealed As Rumored Suitors Shut Down Courtship Talks

Jana Duggar's dating life has been subject to many speculations among Counting On fans. As the eldest daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, she remains to be single to this day and doesn't seem to be feeling the pressure to find a mate anytime soon. At 27, Jana isn't considered a spinster by today's standards, but her siblings have gotten married at a much younger age.

Lately, there have been rumors that Jana may finally be entertaining suitors. Recent contenders for the Counting On star's hand include Jacob Williams and his brother Caleb, close friends of the Duggar family. However, both guys quickly slammed such talks and insisted that there's no romance going on.

Because of this, Counting On fans may think that Jana is "unlucky" in love. However, an insider told Radar Online that she is totally fine being single at the moment. While her younger sisters have all married at such young ages (Joy-Anna got married at 19 and is now pregnant with her first child), Jana reportedly wants to forge her own path in life. Moreover, the source revealed that the 27-year-old is actually quite "picky" when it comes to men.

"She's picky. She's hardly ever home. She lives at home, but she has a job."
While the source didn't exactly state what Jana does for a living, the reality star is actually quite skilled in a lot of things besides taking care of her younger siblings. When the Duggar family first posted a photo of Jana's beautiful garden back in June, many fans urged the eldest Duggar daughter to make a business out of it.

Just last week, Jessa Duggar praised her older sister on Instagram by sharing new pictures of her garden. She called Jana "amazing" and admired her many talents.

"Jana--this gal is amazing. Gardener, plant lady, and builder of all things," Jessa wrote on the photos' caption.

A few years back, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar revealed that Jana also worked as a concert pianist, In Touch Weekly reported. She's also quite adept in the kitchen and has trained as a midwife with her sister Jill.

Given her set of skills, there is no doubt that Jana Duggar is quite a catch--if she so decides to go into courtship and marriage. However, many Counting On fans are applauding her for being independent and choosing a different life than that of her younger sisters'.

What do you think of Jana's non-existent dating life? Do you think she should consider starting her own family soon? Sound off your comments below!

[Featured Image by The Duggar Family/Instagram]