Will ‘Narcos’ Have A Season 4? Cast Safety Issues And Possible Juarez Cartel Plot

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The Netflix hit series Narcos have been renewed for Season 4; however, last month life imitated art in a disheartening way when a Narcos scout was shot dead by a Mexican cartel.

The body of the experienced Mexican location scout Carlos Muñoz Portal, 37, was found near San Bartolo Actopan in a remote area. The region is reported to have one of the highest murder rates in Mexico. Portal is a scout that has work on many blockbuster movies, such as Sicario, Spectre, Fast & Furious, and Apocalypto, according to The Independent.

Will Narcos have a Season 4? Pedro Pascal, who portrays Javier Pena, in all three seasons of Narcos said that the series cannot continue unless the cast and crew are protected. With the introduction of Amado Carrillo Fuentes, Season 4 of Narcos was rumored to have a Juarez Cartel plot.

However, in light of the location scout being killed, the showrunners may decide to stay in Colombia for safety reasons. Therefore, the showrunners could make Season 4 of Narcos about the Norte del Valle Cartel, who was introduced as rivals of the Cali Cartel in the third season.

As the Cali Cartel rose to prominence after Pablo Escobar’s death, the Norte Del Valle or North Valley Cartel became the biggest drug lords in Colombia after the four heads of the Cali Cartel were either arrested or killed.

Narcos producer Eric Newman strongly insinuated that the fourth season will be in Mexico. The finale of Season 3 also suggested that the series will take that direction. However, due to the murder in Mexico, there has been no announcements on the future of the series.

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The third season of Narcos brought huge ratings for Netflix and is estimated to have garnered about 28 million streams in the first week. The series is also a hit with critics and with many fans looking forward to the fourth season.

If the production of Season 4 is to continue it will likely feature 10 episodes. The biggest mystery going forward is whether the series will go to Mexico or stay in Colombia. Another option is filming in another country based on Mexico.

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