‘Overwatch’ Halloween Terror Event Confirmed: What To Expect

A promotional image of Overwatch game.

The 2017 Overwatch Halloween Terror event will kick off next week on October 10, Blizzard has officially confirmed. Last year’s Halloween event in Overwatch was a hit and it was almost a given that Blizzard would seek to replicate that success this year. The upcoming Overwatch Halloween event will run from October 10 through November 2, bringing exciting new treats for fans to earn.

The release date for the second Overwatch Halloween event had already leaked on Reddit, so Blizzard’s announcement is not a huge surprise. Nevertheless, it’s good to have confirmation straight from the source and the company also offered a teaser on what to expect from the upcoming spooky event.

Blizzard took to Twitter to confirm the October 10 release date and tease two new Halloween skins for McCree and Reaper. Both of these skins will likely be Legendary, lending a spooky look to the two heroes. McCree seems to have a demonic hand that glows, while Reaper gets a black-and-red jacket with a high collar and his mask now has fangs. Blizzard will likely offer more details on what to expect from the 2017 Overwatch Halloween Terror on October 9, when it unveils the full event in all its glory. The event will surely bring more treats in addition to the new skins.

Although the teaser reveals little else other than the new skins for McCree and Reaper, Overwatch fans are already speculating what else might be on the table. Last year’s Halloween Terror event brought Junkenstein’s Revenge, an exclusive PvE mode that had fans raving, and players expect it to return this year with a new take. Considering that Junkrat’s Junkenstein skin can be seen front and center in the logo for this year’s Overwatch Halloween Terror event, a new Junkenstein’s Revenge experience seems like a given.

Junkenstein from Overwatch Halloween Terror 2016

Last year’s Halloween Terror event also turned loot boxes into spooky jack-o-lanterns and brought more than 100 cosmetic items such as sprays, skins, emotes, profile icons, and others. The 2017 Overwatch Halloween Terror event is expected to add similar cosmetic items, albeit there might be fewer loot boxes compared to last year, if the Summer Games 2017 event is anything to go by.

For now, all that is certain is that the new Overwatch Halloween Terror event will debut on October 10 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 (PS4), and PC, and will bring new Halloween-themed skins to spice things up. More information should become available soon enough.

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