Stephen Colbert Is Unimpressed By Donald Trump’s Visit To Puerto Rico

Stephen Colbert, Donald Trump, Puerto Rico

After Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico on September 20, President Donald Trump visited the island in order to assess the damage, as well as let citizens know what the plan was in order to help them rebuild. During the visit, which took place on October 3, there were a number of comments and moments which have gotten people talking across social media, and of course the late-night talk show hosts are also weighing in on what transpired. Stephen Colbert reviewed the footage of Donald Trump’s Puerto Rico visit, and from his monologue for The Late Show on CBS, it is clear that he is unimpressed by the president’s words and actions.

As Deadline reported, the president’s trip to Puerto Rico was like “a gift for late-night comics,” such as Stephen Colbert. While visiting the island, Donald Trump started off by telling the people that he loves Puerto Rico because of the weather, even though they do some times “get hit” and that this time “you got hit.” In response to the president’s weather based comments, Colbert called this “Trumpsplaining at its best.” The late-night host even did a call back to a previous comment by the president, in which he told people that Puerto Rico is an island “surrounded by lots of water.”

Moving on, Stephen Colbert also reacted to Donald Trump’s telling the people of Puerto Rico that they have “thrown our budget a little out of whack.” The late-night host compared the president’s comments to a firefighter rescuing a person, and then complaining to the victim of the fire about how much the water bill is going to be.

Although the briefing with the president may have had some issues, Donald Trump did take the time to meet with the people and also hand out some supplies. However, these instances were not without their own problems, as Stephen Colbert was quick to point out.

At one point, the president told one couple he spoke to that the government was going to help them out and that they should “have a good time.” Stephen Colbert pointed out that Trump was not at one of his casino’s, but was instead dealing with a disaster.

Beyond his actual comments to the people, the president also threw rolls of paper towels to victims and even handed out flashlights while telling all those present that they no longer needed them. Even though he was doing a good thing by handing out these supplies, Stephen Colbert also poked fun at the method in which the president gave out the supplies, while also reminding viewers that about 90 percent of Puerto Rico still does not have electricity, which means they do in fact need those flashlights.

It was clear that Stephen Colbert had plenty of material to work with when it came to addressing the president’s visit to Puerto Rico, especially since the late-night host ended his segment by talking about one conversation held between the president and a local about purification tablets for the water. While Trump seemed shocked to learn how the tablets work and that the local would in fact drink the water that had been purified, Colbert pointed out that of course she would drink the water, since it is the “only water she has.”

Outside of his monologue on The Late Show, Stephen Colbert also addressed some of the president’s comments regarding Puerto Rico on his Twitter account. In particular, the late-night host addressed the lack of clean drinking water, even as the president talks about what a great response his people have had to the situation.

Now that Donald Trump has visited Puerto Rico in order to assess the damage left behind by Hurricane Maria, his next stop is to visit Las Vegas following the mass shooting there on October 2. While there is still plenty of work that needs to be done in order to help the people on the island, the president must also address the massive loss of life following the late night shooting at the music festival in Las Vegas.

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