Shield Reunion On ‘RAW’: Has WWE Finally Accepted That Roman Reigns Can Not Be ‘The Guy’ On His Own?

Shield Reunion On RAW Hints Something New About Roman Reigns

This week’s Monday Night RAW nearly brought the much-awaited Shield Reunion to its conclusion. The manner in which it unfolded is altogether a different matter, one that does not need much consideration. There was hardly any coherent story, one that could have made sense of the entire sequence of events.

On the Monday Night RAW, Roman Reigns was seen battling it out with the Miz for the Intercontinental Championship. Cesaro and Sheamus interfered in the match, with all three of them deciding to beat up Roman Reigns. Curtis and Bo Dallas, who are part of The Miztourage, were not part of the beatdown.

WWE fans were waiting for the Shield Reunion since a long time, and the officials may have decided to give that to the viewers. Before the segment came to an end, all the members of The Shield were shown in the locker room nodding their heads. This was perhaps one of the most convincing parts of the entire story where the former teammates seem to have found common ground without uttering a single word.

But the question remains: Why did WWE decide to make Roman Reigns partners with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, who are currently the Tag Team Champions? One of the most important reasons is that tickets sales are not where they should have been. As reported by FanSided, despite the claims made by Reigns, the ticket sales are even lower than the mid-90s.

The Shield Reunited on Monday Night RAW

Roman Reigns defeated John Cena at No Mercy 2017 which was seen as the passing of the torch moment. Roman Reigns may have even retired The Undertaker, yet fans are not sold on him. He still gets booed, and fans are not willing to accept him as a babyface. No doubt, Roman Reigns is a draw but does not appear to be someone who can replace John Cena yet.

The Shield was top merchandise seller in 2014 and also ensured strong quarter-hour ranking, as reported by Forbes. All three superstars have been among the top merchandise sellers, and a Shield reunion appears to be a good move for the business. However, if that is the case, does it mean Roman Reigns cannot be a babyface akin to John Cena or The Rock?

Roman Reigns is speculated to headline WrestleMania 34 and maybe even defeat Brock Lesnar. While WWE officials may continue to push the Big Dog, the Shield Reunion at this juncture does hint that even officials are not sure if Roman Reigns alone can draw crowds and be the next face of WWE.

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