Tiny Harris Sex Life: T.I. Treats Her Like A Queen After Ending Bernice Burgos Romance

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Tiny Harris’ marriage to T.I. couldn’t be doing better, according to reports, adding that the couple’s sex life has drastically improved at the same time.

Having initially split for seven months in the midst of thinking they would end up finalizing their divorce from one another, which Tiny Harris had filed last December, the duo seemingly found themselves reconciling, but it was quite the process.

According to Hollywood Life, after having ended his alleged romance with Bernice Burgos, whom T.I. had been seeing for several months, T.I. knew he wanted to get back with Tiny Harris.

It’s stressed that no matter how long the rapper leaves his wife, he always finds himself running back to her in the end, but it seems rather apparent at this point that both Tiny Harris and T.I. are determined to stick together this time around.

Their arguments and online spats have exhausted the couple to the point where they have made it known that they want to be in a much happier mindset with one another and avoid the social media drama and public disses.

Of course, that can only be achieved if T.I. remains faithful to Tiny Harris, who had initially filed for divorce last year due to allegations concerning the rapper’s struggle to stay committed to his wife.

Sources, via Hollywood Life, are now claiming that T.I. couldn’t be more of a better husband and father to Tiny Harris and their children.

He treats Tiny like an absolute queen, and their sex life is through the roof. There’s never a moment where the duo doesn’t think about making love to one another — it’s almost as if the break they had from one another was much-needed.

For T.I. and Tiny Harris, the split made them realize how much they love one another, and even while the “Live Your Life” hitmaker might have gone on to see other women, his heart was still with Tiny, which is what subsequently brought him back.

Insiders conclude by stressing that Tiny Harris couldn’t be happier now that she’s gotten her man back. She’s told family and friends that she’s on the right path with T.I. and hopes it stays that way.

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