‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 109-110 Spoilers: Zen-chan, Whis & Beerus To Help Goku Create Powerful Genki Dama?

Dragon Ball Super Son Goku creating powerful Genki Dama

Dragon Ball Super Episodes 109 and 110 will finally feature the much-awaited battle between Son Goku and Jiren. However, spoilers revealed that Goku will not be able to match Jiren’s power despite using Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken x20, forcing him to use his trump card, Genki Dama. How will Goku gather the needed energy to create Genki Dama in the World of Void?

Genki Dama, also known as the Spirit Bomb, is a technique Son Goku learned from the North Kaio. Goku cannot do the technique alone as it requires energy from different life forms. The Tournament of Power is currently held in the World of Void, and it remains a big question if Goku can gather the needed energy in such place.

The Fan Guy, a YouTuber, speculated that Whis and Beerus might share their energy with Son Goku. The eliminated fighters like Master Roshi, Tien Shinhan, and Krillin, as well as Kaioshin and Old Kai, can also help in the process. Though it remains unknown if it’s allowed to share energy outside the fighting stage, Whis and Beerus will definitely be a huge help in creating the Genki Dama. The Fan Guy also predicted that the two Omni-King Zenos could raise their hand to help their mortal friend, Goku.

Unfortunately, it seems like even Son Goku’s most powerful attack cannot completely defeat Jiren. There are speculations that Jiren will be able to return the Genki Dama to Son Goku, but instead of damaging him he infused in it himself, leading to his next transformation. Recalling a Dragon Ball movie, Goku used the same strategy to defeat the androids.

If the Genki Dama he will be creating in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super episodes really contains the energy from Whis, Beerus, and the two Omni-King Zeno, infusing the energy into himself will definitely make Son Goku the most powerful fighter in the Tournament of Power. The preview of Dragon Ball Super Episodes 109 and 110 showed Son Goku’s eye turned into silver, which hinted his new transformation.

For fans who can’t wait for the upcoming episodes of Dragon Ball Super, MaSTAR Media created an incredible fan animation of the battle between the two strongest fighters in the Tournament of Power.

[Featured Image by Dash Toriyama | Flickr | Cropped and Resized | CC BY-SA 2.0]