LeeAnne Locken And Cary Deuber Fighting Online Ahead Of Drama On ‘RHOD’

LeeAnne Locken really wants to fit in with her cast members on The Real Housewives of Dallas as she has felt like an outsider from the very beginning. In an effort to bond with her co-stars, LeeAnne opened up about having plastic surgery and she revealed who her doctor was. When Cary Deuber revealed that he was not certified to do the procedure, the two ladies got into a bitter disagreement. While Deuber could walk away from the conversation without thinking twice about Locken, LeeAnne was furious and threatened to strangle her.

It sounds like things haven’t calmed down in Dallas after this was filmed a year ago. According to a new tweet, Cary Deuber and LeeAnne Locken are still talking about this issue on social media. In fact, Cary was chatting with some fans about doctors being certified online or through workshops, which often results in poor surgery results from people. It was also pointed out in the same conversation that Mark Deuber was certified.

“Similar things can happen in U.S. as well. I would never tear down another physician, but all I can say is do your research & be confident” Cary responded to a Twitter follower, who claimed that people in Australia can get certified by attending workshops, which results in many botched surgeries.

“I am sorry did you just say you wouldn’t tear down another physician? What do you call what you did on #RHOD on LeeAnne Locken?” one viewer responded to Deuber, to which Locken added, “There will be EVEN MORE tonight!!!”

It sounds like LeeAnne really wants the support of viewers because Cary called out LeeAnne for choosing a doctor who isn’t certified. Locken had previously explained on The Real Housewives of Dallas that her doctor was triple certified, but Deuber had to set the record straight. Curious fans got involved and it sounds like this doctor is hard to find when it comes to finding credible certifications. As Deuber points out, she would never tear down another physician, but that’s exactly what LeeAnne and her followers believe. This is what Locken is trying to prove by continuously talking about it on social media.

What do you think about LeeAnne Locken claiming that Cary Deuber is causing drama for her and calling out other doctors on a national television show? Do you think Locken is innocent in this matter?

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