Hugo Chavez Improving After Cancer Surgery, VP Says

Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez is said to be improving following cancer surgery in Cuba where he suffered bleeding complications.

The news was released by Brazil’s foreign minister, Antonio Patriota, according to the country’s state-run news agency. Patriota stated that Brazilian officials are monitoring Chavez’s health daily.

ABC News reports that Patriota added the latest news on President Chavez indicates that he has seen “stabilization and even positive developments.”

Venezuela’s vice president, Nicolas Maduro, also stated that the president is recovering from his surgery and is getting stronger every day. CNN notes that Maduro stated:

“President Chavez is resting and his recovery is progressing with each day that passes.”

Maduro received the update on the Venezuelan president’s health through Cilia Flores, a member of the country’s ruling party who was in Cuba to see the president. Maduro added that Chavez is receiving the best care possible for his cancer treatment. He has remained secretive about what kind of cancer he has been battling for the past 18 months.

Hugo Chavez first announced his battle with cancer in June 2011 and has since undergone four surgeries to remove cancerous cells in his pelvic region. The country’s information minister also stated this week that Chavez is suffering from a respiratory infection but that the infection is under control and the president is in stable condition.

Maduro was also the one to announce that Hugo Chavez suffered bleeding complications during the surgery. He also added that Chavez is facing a “complex and difficult” recovery. Should anything happen to Venezuela’s president that makes him unable to finish his term, Maduro has been named his successor.

It remains unclear if Hugo Chavez will recover from his cancer surgery in time to be in Venezuela for his inauguration next month.