‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Griffin Helps Patient 6 In Russia, Clueless He’s Jason Morgan

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Patient 6 (Steve Burton) will need all the help he can get when he runs out of the secret clinic and into the dark streets of St. Petersburg, Russia. Ava (Maura West) helped him all she could but she’s stuck in the clinic – and at risk, because she helped him. Fortunately for Patient 6, who is rumored to be Jason Morgan, there’s divine intervention headed his way. Father Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) will be in Russia soon, and their paths will cross. But first, another priest finds Patient 6.

Will Griffin recognize old Jason’s face?

ABC soap fans know that Ava came to town after Burton’s version of Jason was shot on the docks. Billy Miller’s face is the one she knows as Jason, so when they met at the clinic, she was in the dark. Also, Burton had that psycho mask on every time they spoke, so even if she saw old pics of Jason at Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) house, just his eyes wouldn’t be enough to spark recognition. But will Griffin know the man? He’s spent lots of time at Sonny’s and around Jason’s loved ones.

GH spoilers hint Griffin will not recognize Patient 6’s face, but he will recognize someone in need. In addition to Father Munro, another man of the cloth will help out 6. SheKnows Soaps offered General Hospital casting news that Rob Locke will appear on October 2 and October 4 as Father Stanislov. He’s a Russian priest that both Patient 6 and Griffin will encounter. The man of the cloth might have answers that Griffin needs – and shelter that Patient 6 desperately needs to save him from the streets.

Strangers show kindness to Patient 6

Once Patient 6 hits the chilly streets of St. Petersburg, things will be rough. He has no ID, no cash, no passport, and no jacket or shoes. It’s already cold in Russia this time of year, and the mystery man can’t run around barefoot and jacketless for long, or he won’t survive. Father Stanislov will be the first to find Patient 6 and will offer shelter and take him in to get him off the streets and away from the men from the clinic chasing him.

When Griffin lands in Russia, spoilers from TV Source promise he’ll “extend kindness to someone in need.” While this might seem like it’s about Ava, it’s far more likely to be Patient 6. Griffin doesn’t know how to find the clinic or Ava, so it will be fortunate that he runs into Patient 6 at a local Catholic church where the mystery man took shelter. However, GH fans still don’t know if Patient 6 knows who he is and can tell Griffin that he’s from Port Charles and needs to get back there.

Patient 6 heading to Port Charles

The most current spoilers indicate Griffin will help Patient 6 get on the road back home – back to Port Charles, New York – but then Griffin has another matter to take care of in Russia. Griffin needs to find Ava before something bad happens. Ava’s life will be at risk because she helped Patient 6. Griffin meeting 6 could be a win-win because the mystery man can tell him where to find the secret clinic and Ava. Let’s hope those two can work out a mutually beneficial arrangement. But first, Father Stanislov will meet and help 6.

We know that Patient 6 will be back in Port Charles soon enough and that’s when the Q twin twist plot kicks into high gear. Ava will be shocked when Griffin shows up to play knight in shining armor, and it looks like it will be just in time. Ava might not get the beauty-restoring surgery she needs if her life is at risk because she played a role in Patient 6’s escape. Griffin must wrestle with his feelings, but it sure seems like he’s falling for the blond bad girl that he followed halfway around the world. Will Griffin realize Patient 6 has Jason’s old face? Can Patient 6 point Griffin to the clinic in time to save Ava? Check back often for more General Hospital spoilers and news.

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