‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ava And Patient 6 Are Bonded – Sonny Furious Jason And His Enemy Are Friends

General Hospital spoilers tease that the bond Ava (Maura West) and Patient 6 (Steve Burton) share will continue after both of them are back in Port Charles. Their closeness will infuriate Sonny (Maurice Benard), Carly (Laura Wright) and many others. Patient 6 doesn’t seem to know who he is, even though many fans assume that he’s the “real” Jason Morgan and expect Billy Miller will be revealed as the twin Drew Quartermaine. Patient 6 has no reason to be wary of Ava, so this could get interesting.

Ava helped Patient 6 escape

Even though Patient 6 gets himself loose from the clinic holding him captive, it’s Ava that provides him the key. He won’t forget this kindness. Also, remember that it’s Ava that woke him out of his catatonic state and encourages him to break free from his shackles and get away. Ava sensed right away that something was off and that she was being lied to about Patient 6 being a dangerous psychopath. Ava wanted to help him, even though she knew it could cause her trouble.

Ava was ready to get Patient 6 a paper clip so he could get loose but she never got the chance because Dr. Klein left a file sitting and the mystery man got one for himself. But Ava did befriend him and would have called the number he gave her if Klein hadn’t cornered her and forced her to hand it over. The important thing is that Patient 6 has no idea who Ava is – and both of them will be on the road back to Port Charles very soon. It will be interesting to see how this affects GH ratings.

Patient 6 heads to Port Charles – Ava follows

On Friday’s GH, Patient 6 never would have made his escape if not for Ava. He dropped the paper clip on the floor, and Ava retrieved it after she snuck back into his room to check the mystery man’s progress. Ava’s instincts about Patient 6 were right because once he was free, he didn’t hurt her. Not only that but before he raced out of the room, he told her, “I owe you.” Of course, neither of them know that Sonny is the pivot point between them and the mob boss will be outraged by them bonding in Russia. This twin twist will be explosive.

Patient 6 is heading back to Port Charles, but this seems very much like a Bourne Identity scenario where he’s got his skills but has lost memories of who he is and his place in the world. Sonny’s safe number was hard-coded in his mind, and he knows Port Charles is home. Aside from that, Patient 6 doesn’t seem to know much else, but he might be keeping secrets. Also, remember that Ava only knows the face of Billy Miller associated with the name “Jason Morgan” so she will be stunned to find out who the man is that she helped. Spoilers from TV Source say Ava is shocked.

Patient 6 stunned to find his life was hijacked

Assuming the spoilers are correct and Steve Burton is playing the “old” Jason, once his memories do come back, he’ll be surprised to find out another man is living his life, married to his wife Sam (Kelly Monaco), and raising his children. That means Patient 6 is lost in the world even when he makes it home. But there is someone in Port Chuck that has room for the mystery man in her life – and that’s Ava. That means she might take him into her home and help him while he decides what’s next.

Ava knows by helping a man with Jason’s old face that she’s tempting revenge from Sonny, but she won’t stop. Ava wants to be a better person, even if Sonny doesn’t believe it. One person that does believe it is Dr. Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen). Griffin is falling for Ava even though he doesn’t want to. Plus, Patient 6 now counts Ava as one of his few friends in the world. Sonny and Carly will hate how close Ava grows to both men. Spoilers from Soap Central promise Ava is left reeling soon by all these changes.

Once Ava and Patient 6 are back in Port Charles, things will get more complicated. Jason saw a side of Ava in St. Petersburg that Sonny refuses to acknowledge. Ava risked a lot to help him get loose from his captors, and he won’t forget it. Sonny hates Ava and can’t move past her messy past, but Griffin and returned Jason consider her a friend and will push back on Sonny when he tries to cut her out of their lives. This should be good. Come back for more General Hospital spoilers soon.

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