'The Blacklist' Season 5 Spoilers: Fan-Favorite Character Might Get Killed - Is It Red, Liz Or Tom?

The Blacklist Season 5 has recently premiered on NBC, but it looks like the drama is looking into saying goodbye to a fan-favorite character. While the show recently gave away an answer to one of its biggest mysteries, many are wondering which character might get killed this season. Is it Reddington, Liz or Tom?

The Blacklist Season 5 spoilers are teasing on the possibility that the NBC series will kill off one of its major characters who also turns out to be a favorite among fans. TV Line kept the buzz among viewers after throwing off a blind item that a show is looking into killing off a major character during its season premiere.

Hundreds of people commented their guesses on the page, but the publication has already confirmed that they were referring to The Blacklist Season 5. Per the publication, it was part of their initial plan to kill off Ryan Eggold's character, Tom Keen, during the season premiere of the NBC series.

The network executives, however, might not have given the approval to kill Tom during The Blacklist Season 5 premiere, as his character was still very much alive during the said episode. It would not be wise though to be so complacent, as the producers may have just changed their plans and decided to kill him off during the finale.


What remains clear is that Tom Keen will be in a "very, very, very, extremely, very bad shape" on The Blacklist Season 5. As most fans can recall, Tom was put back into the NBC drama, as its spinoff series featuring Ryan Eggold, The Blacklist: Redemption, had to be cancelled only after one season on air.

Many fans reacted negatively to the report on Tom's possible death on the series. It is already a known fact that Tom is a fan-favorite (part of the reason why NBC decided to create a spinoff series based entirely on his character), which is why some fans are threatening to stop watching the show altogether if the show decides to kill Tom this season.

The Blacklist Season 5 will be airing episode 3 entitled "Miss Rebecca Thrall" on Oct. 11. Fans and viewers will see Red devise a plan that will help Tom re-establish his reputation.

Do you think Ryan Eggold's Tom Keen will get killed on The Blacklist Season 5?

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