Google Launches New Health Initiative

Google is teaming up with the healthcare industry to help you keep on top of your medical records.

Engineers announced the launch of Google Health this afternoon. The site gives you a secure place to collect and store all your family’s medical charts and histories as well as other general health information.

“How many of us have touched, or even seen, our medical records?” asked Marissa Meyer, Google’s VP of Search Products and User Experience, in the company’s official blog.

“In this day and age of information, isn’t it crazy that you don’t have a copy of your medical records under your control? You could use those records to develop a better understanding of your health and ultimately get better care. It’s your data about your own health; why shouldn’t you own and control it?” she wrote.

Google Health will give you secure access to your medical data, regardless of what doctor or hospital you might currently be using. Companies ranging from the Cleveland Clinic to RxAmerica and even Walgreens are already on-board as partners.