Tiffany Trump Blasted For 'Tone Deaf' Selfie: 'Get Down There And Help Puerto Rico,' Instagram Users Say

Social media users were less than pleased with Tiffany Trump's "tone deaf" Instagram post on Saturday, as many felt she wasn't sending the right message amid the ongoing crisis in Puerto Rico.

According to the Daily Mail, Tiffany Trump had mostly kept to herself since she started classes at Georgetown Law School in August, mostly refraining from social media posts. That changed on Saturday, when President Donald Trump's youngest daughter posted an Instagram photo of herself posing in a black minidress, with no accompanying caption. Yahoo noted that Tiffany's photo was taken by famed fashion photographer Fadil Berisha.

Although the selfie got a lot of positive reactions from followers, many other Instagram users took to calling Tiffany Trump "tone deaf" for posting a glamorous photo while her father, the U.S. president, deals with massive backlash in relation to his perceived lack of assistance to Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

"Great job helping Puerto Rico! Disgusting."

"Chelsea Clinton would've helped."

"Tiffany babe, Puerto Rico is dying."

The above comments are examples of the remarks made by Instagram users reacting to Tiffany Trump's "tone deaf" selfie, as quoted by the Daily Mail. But it was one commenter in particular who used the now-popular term that refers to people who post inappropriate statements or other forms of media in the light of serious issues – aside from using the words "tone deaf," the Instagram user in question accused Tiffany of being "oblivious" to the plight of Hurricane Maria's victims in Puerto Rico.
Other social media users reacted to Tiffany's smiling photo by asking her to "get down there and help" the people of Puerto Rico. This didn't just include Instagram users, but also those replying to a Twitter post where the 23-year-old law student posted a link to her Instagram post featuring the new selfie.

Although many people took aim at Tiffany Trump for posting a "tone deaf" selfie instead of showing her concern for the victims of Hurricane Maria, the Daily Mail wrote that this isn't anything new for Tiffany. She usually posts vacation and throwback photos, unlike her half-siblings and in-laws, who aren't shy about posting about current events. Tiffany has also kept a low profile by only attending a few of her father's official events since his inauguration as president in January.

What are your thoughts on the latest Instagram photo shared by Tiffany Trump? Do you see it as tone deaf or inappropriate in the light of the Puerto Rico crisis, or do you feel that Tiffany is getting too much flak for the selfie? Let us know in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]