One Piece Chapter 881: Luffy To Discover Weakness In Katakuri’s Technique?

With Big Mom finally catching up on Thousand Sunny riding on top of a giant wave, things are not looking too good for the Straw Hats in the coming One Piece Chapter 881. Meanwhile, Luffy is not faring any better either with Katakuri proving to be a very skilled fighter, easily countering all his attacks. But, if speculations are correct, Luffy just might turn the tables on his opponent by discovering a weakness in the Sweet Commander’s technique.

Will Thousand Sunny Escape Big Mom’s Giant Wave?

She may not be rational at the moment but Big Mom proved to be very persistent in chasing the Straw Hat Pirates, still believing Perospero’s story that it was them who stole the wedding cake. While Thousand Sunny’s evasive maneuver called Coup de Burst temporarily gained them some distance from their pursuers, the crazed Yonko was able to catch up quickly, riding on top of another Perospero creation, the candy sea slug.

This time, however, Big Mom seems to be getting serious. The Yonko unleashed another monstrous creation, a tsunami-like wave that appears to be conscious like Prometheus and Zeus. With the giant wave towering over Thousand Sunny and poised to drown her and her crew, it should be interesting how the Straw Hats plan to extricate themselves out of this precarious situation in the coming One Piece Chapter 881. That is if they can manage to come up with some clever ideas on such short notice.

An obvious choice would be to do another Coup de Burst again, which would give them another kilometer headstart. However, it seems that even Nami has given up on any hope of escape. It is likely that by the time the Straw Hats noticed the giant wave, it was already upon them that there is simply not enough time to prepare for the maneuver.

But of course, it does not mean that everyone on board the Thousand Sunny has to die. True, Big Mom is just too overpowered for them to put a decent fight which will likely end up with all of them getting killed anyway. However, Big Mom is only after one thing at this point – the wedding cake. And this means that she is not particularly out to kill the Straw Hats, she just wants to eat her cake.

And what happens if she captures the Thousand Sunny only to find out there is no cake in it? It could certainly end up badly for Perospero as she already warned him that she will kill him if she finds out that he is lying. The Straw Hats, on the other hand, might still be saved even if the big wave hits Thousand Sunny thanks to Jinbe being a fishman.

Katakuri Has A Weakness?

Meanwhile, Luffy was not doing that well inside Brulee’s mirror world either. Said to be the strongest among the Three Sweet Commanders, Katakuri had no problem countering Luffy’s attack. And the frustrating part is that he does it by almost copying Luffy’s attack, launching his own more powerful mochi-based version.

While Luffy seems to be at a disadvantage at the moment, there are two ways for him to still defeat the Sweet Commander. First, there is a possibility that Katakuri’s style must have some sort of weakness. For instance, YouTube channel Joy_Boy Theories speculates that since mochi is basically food, fire or heat will have an effect on its properties. Thus, an improved version of the Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk could be an effective technique to use against Katakuri.

When one considers it for a moment, it is actually a very good speculation because Oda has already shown a Sweet Commander can have some weakness. Basically, Luffy only won his battle against Cracker because Nami figured out that water renders his hard biscuit soldiers ineffective. Thus, nullifying Katakuri’s mochi-based attack with fire in One Piece 881 is also very possible.

Of course, another possibility is that Luffy will finally develop a new Gear 4 attack that will be effective against Katakuri, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. It should be interesting how Oda will address this since, from what we know of Katakuri thus far, he can virtually copy all of Luffy’s attacks using his own mochi.

One Piece manga Chapter 881 will be released sometime this week. Stay tuned for updates.

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