‘One Piece’ Chapter 879: Katakuri & Luffy Clash Inside Mirror World, Straw Hats Captain Develop New Attack?

Fans have a lot to look forward to in the coming One Piece Chapter 879 of Eiichiro Oda’s hit manga series. The coming installment is expected to feature one of the most highly anticipated fights in the Whole Cake Island arc, the match between two powerful fighters Luffy and Katakuri.

In the latest One Piece manga Chapter 878, which is already available on a number of online sites such as Mangastream, finally revealed the aftermath of Pedro’s suicidal attack. Previously, he detonated the bombs he was carrying in close proximity to Perospero in the hope of killing Linlin’s first-born son and reversing his spell on Brook and Chopper as well as turning the sea to normal for the Thousand Sunny’s escape move.

Thankfully, it worked. Chopper and Brook no longer turned into candies and are back to their normal selves. Even the candied sea that gripped their ship Thousand Sunny became normal. Thus, they were finally able to activate its signature move, the Coup de Burst.

And it could not have been more well-timed. Just before the maneuver launched the ship into the air, all of Big Mom’s ships have already trained their cannons on Thousand Sunny and getting ready to fire. Meanwhile, The Yonko herself seemed to have caught up with them and was clinging to the side of Thousand Sunny demanding that they give her the wedding cake.

While Thousand Sunny was able to escape and has put a safe distance from her pursuers at least, for now, not everyone was able to escape with the ship. Luffy had to take care of things and stay behind so that the Coup de Burst can happen. But of course, fans should not complain too much as it also set the stage for one of the arc’s most anticipated match, the fight between Luffy and Sweet Commander Katakuri, which is expected to commence in One Piece 879.

Since Katakuri was not keen on allowing the Straw Hats escape, Luffy had to temporarily neutralize him by trapping him and Brulee in his Elephant Gun. Promising to his team that he will definitely return, Luffy dragged them both inside Brulee’s Mirror World and destroyed the particular mirror that leads back to the ship. Thus, Katakuri and Luffy will have all the space they need to fight a proper battle in One Piece Chapter 879.

Of course, fans are getting wild speculating on the outcome of the battle between the two strong fighters. There are speculations that the fight might introduce a new Gear 4 technique by Luffy. In addition, it is likewise possible that the unique properties of Brulee’s Mirror World may have a hand in Luffy’s victory over Katakuri. For instance, the contained dimension of the Mirror World may cause Luffy’s attacks to ricochet, nullifying or, at least, confusing Katakuri’s observation Haki.

Sanji, Pudding, and Chiffon were not featured in the previous chapter yet. Thus, they could also reappear next installment hopefully carrying a finished cake so fans might not have to endure several panels of cake baking.

One Piece 879 will be released sometime next week. Meanwhile, enjoy some of the speculation from YouTuber Gear 5 below.


[Featured Image by Viz Media]