Is ‘Shahs Of Sunset’ GG Back With Estranged Husband Shalom?

Shahs of Sunset GG (Golnesa) Gharachedaghi has posted a photo on Instagram seemingly in bed with estranged husband Shalom Yeroushalmi. If this is the case, this is a full 180-degree turn from her recent rants about wanting a quickie divorce. In the last few months, GG and Shalom have been battling on Instagram about a variety of things, including when they actually separated and if Shalom would get spousal support. But is Shahs of Sunset GG back with estranged husband Shalom?

Though Shahs of Sunset GG has spoken out at length on Instagram, where the photo was posted of GG in bed with a headless man, her lawyer has done the talking to the press about the pending divorce.

“During the past few weeks, certain facts have come to GG’s attention that have [sic] made her realize her marriage can no longer continue, and, in fact, should never have happened. She is hoping to end the relationship as amicably and respectfully as possible.”

But on Instagram, Shahs of Sunset GG called Shalom names and threatened to have him deported.

“Sign the divorce papers you dumb f–k! Or keep up this social media war and watch your criminal, illegal immigrant ass get deported sooner than you can say ‘I’m coming home Germany!'”

So imagine what fans of Shahs of Sunset GG thought when she posted the above photo and tagged her estranged husband. Shahs GG thanked Shahs of Sunset co-star Mike Shouhed for giving her the shirt she is wearing in the photo which says “Upgraded.”

“Big props to my boy @mikeshouhed and his brand True Gold. I’m loving this “Upgraded” shirt! Yeah… I upgraded lol! Thanks, Mikey.”

Shahs of Sunset GG married Shalom back in January, and according to her lawyer, they separated two months later. But if you believe estranged husband Shalom, the two were still together as of early September. When asked if GG and Shalom are back together, a rep for Shahs of Sunset GG equivocated.

“GG is a free-spirited, independent woman who takes life one day at a time.”

But to some, this photo of Shahs of Sunset GG and presumably estranged husband Shalom creates more questions than gives answers about their unconventional relationship, like first of all, is it Shalom in the picture? Yes, GG tagged the man in her bed with the serious washboard abs, but could she be tagging some random guy to upset Shalom?

And if the man in bed with Shahs of Sunset GG is Shalom, is it just a coincidence that last week estranged husband Shalom asked for spousal support from the Shahs star?


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Shahs of Sunset GG and estranged husband Shalom got engaged in December and quickly got married in January without fully thinking it out according to Golnesa. But while GG and Shalom are together in the current season of Shahs of Sunset, they obviously have a bumpy and unclear road ahead of them.

Do you think it is Shahs of Sunset GG and Shalom in the Instagram photo? Do you think GG and Shalom are back together, if so, will it last?

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