Is GG On ‘Shahs Of Sunset’ An Alcoholic, Or Are Golnesa’s Problems Even Deeper?

The Shahs of Sunset bring it big, loud, and alcohol-fueled, but when is too much really too much? In the new season of Shahs of Sunset, Golnesa, better known as GG, is pushing her drinking, which leads to her fighting to the point of a blackout. It seems GG can drink most men twice her size under the table, and even her Shahs of Sunset crew, who also like to have a good time, are concerned that she is on the edge of crashing and burning.

According to the Inquisitr, the cast of Shahs of Sunset has been going through it, and it seems that as soon as one relationship or person is healed, another goes off the rails, and often alcohol is involved. Shahs star Mike Shouhed went through a lot in the off season, and fans will watch the dissolution of his marriage. But now GG seems to be the critical cast member.

The Daily Mail says that Shahs of Sunset’s GG finally admits to heavy drinking at Shervin’s birthday party on board a serious yacht. It seems that no party or get together with GG that includes alcohol is without a fight. Not an argument, but an actual physical fight. At Shervin’s party, GG smeared birthday cake on Asifa’s white dress, and then seemed surprised that Asifa was not happy.

“You put your hands on me? Take a swim. Girl bye. You think you’re going to touch me and get away with it?”

GG has blamed her heavy drinking on her rheumatoid arthritis, but her binge drinking and bursts of pure anger (plus her interest in knives, weapons, and blood) seem to indicate that more is going on. The morning after Shervin’s birthday party, GG admitted that she couldn’t remember much that had happened, and poor Shervin, who seems to be the male moral compass (Asa is the female) just seemed almost shocked.

The rest of the cast of Shahs of Sunset has admitted separately that they have noticed a peak in GG’s drinking, and are concerned. The cast of Shahs of Sunset, minus GG, Shervin, and Mike, got together for dinner at Asa’s house, and discussed GG and her odd behavior, which is getting even odder. They admit that it may be time for some sort of intervention, and at least a closer look at the next time they all get together.

Reality Tea is reporting that this season of Shahs of Sunset is off to a wild start, especially when it comes to GG and her drinking (which of course leads to fighting). There is something about a woman in her thirties who bar fights, and throws down at every party she attends which startles people.

GG admitted to Asa that her rheumatoid arthritis and alcoholism are flaring, and she is a bit out of control. Reality Tea says that she is teetering on the edge of emotional ruin, but she is still committed to attending Shervin’s party, which sounds like a recipe for success.

The Daily Mail says that Shahs of Sunset GG finally had to admit that things were a bit out of hand when she woke up in Shervin’s bed, and could not remember how she got there after a crazy party. To say that GG was violent was an understatement. GG says that she doesn’t remember much, but she knows she got into it with someone. She claims the drunk, violent person is someone else.

‘”I don’t know who that person is. She’s a wild animal and she wants to go and see blood.”

But instead of drying out, GG headed back out with Shervin, and cemented the idea that she was spiraling out of control.

” ‘I’m worried about her, she’s getting worse and worse,’ he said as GG staggered around the club, swigging booze and fraternizing with random men.”

But for now, it seems that GG might just get worse before she gets better. Fans hope that GG gets help soon.

Do you think that GG on Shahs of Sunset is an alcoholic?

[Photo by Bravo]