A Tesla Model 3 In The Production Line Gets Photographed, Triggers Rumors On Tesla's Delivery Schedule

The Tesla Model 3 is steadily making its way to customers, and slowly but surely, more details about the mass-market electric vehicle are beginning to emerge. Just recently, an anonymous member of a VIP tour of the Model 3's production line was able to snap an image of a unit being built, and it has managed to set the EV community practically aflame.

Tesla has always been pretty secretive about the manufacture of its vehicles. In the case of the Model 3, the secrecy is heightened even more, considering that the upstart carmaker has placed a pretty ambitious goal on its production schedule. Fortunately, however, eagle-eyed fans and Tesla enthusiasts have been on high alert about any new update on the highly anticipated yet incredibly elusive EV.

One of the most recent details about the mass-market green car came in the form of a rare photograph showing a production version of the Model 3 in the carmaker's assembly line. The image, which appears to have been taken inside what Tesla CEO Elon Musk fondly calls the "alien dreadnaught" factory, shows a Model 3 seemingly on its final stages of construction, according to a Teslarati report.

While details about the image are very few, speculations are abounding that the recently released Model 3 photo could hold the key to determining the current pace of the mass-market EV's production schedule. At the front of the vehicle was a handwritten sticker, showing what appears to be the numbers 9-26 or 9-76.

These numbers have been interpreted by Tesla enthusiasts to mean two possible things -- a VIN or a manufacture date. If the number on the Model 3's sticker is 9-26, it could mean that the vehicle was manufactured on September 26. If the numbers read 9-76, the unit might be VIN 976, which could mean that the carmaker might meet its goal of producing 1,500 Model 3 units this September.

Considering that Tesla is aiming to reach a production goal of 1,500 cars by the end of September, EV enthusiasts in several online communities have been scouring the internet and their neighborhoods about the VINs of Model 3 units that were delivered this month. So far, The Tesla Life, a community of EV enthusiasts and owners, has confirmed a Model 3 unit with VIN 454, which means that Tesla has at least delivered the 454th production unit rolled out this month.

With this in mind, many Tesla fans are skeptical that the Model 3 in the leaked image was VIN 976. Model 3 cars with VIN numbers above 500, after all, have yet to be spotted on the road. Nevertheless, rumors are still abounding that Tesla is well on its production schedule. Thus, there is a good chance that the carmaker might still meet its goal for September.

What do you think about the leaked Tesla Model 3 image? Does the sticker on the car refer to the unit's manufacture date, or does it show the vehicle's VIN? Sound off in the comments section below!

[Featured Image by Tesla]