November 14, 2017
'Criminal Minds' Still Not Renewed? Fans Getting Increasingly More Worried

Criminal Minds has still not been renewed for Season 12, and fans are getting increasingly more worried. There is no word on whether CBS is going to scrap the crime drama this year in favor of dramas on which they make money.

So far, numerous long-running crime dramas have been renewed. All the NCIS shows have been renewed, with the longest running original confirmed for two more seasons. This is despite Michael Weatherly's departure at the end of Season 13. It set precedent that losing an original character should not stop a TV show from being renewed.

Why does that matter? Because Shemar Moore left Criminal Minds recently. The news was shocking for many fans, and instantly led to the worry that it would not be renewed. There is no replacing Derek Morgan, and the show has already struggled to find a replacement for Paget Brewster's Emily Prentiss.

Another downside, as The Inquisitr has already reported, is that CBS does not benefit financially from the show but does put money into keeping it on the air. The partnership with ABC is a strange one to run for so many years, so it would not be surprising if the show was cancelled this year.

According to Deadline, the two networks are trying to work on a new licensing deal. This will affect whether Criminal Minds will be renewed or not, and fans will hope that it works in their favor. The problem is for the fans and the writers, it could be after the Season 11 finale that news is known. That means Season 11 needs to wrap up most of the questions set throughout the season and give the characters some closure, just in case.

It is annoying, considering the show is doing well in the ratings. While CBS and ABC both announced early renewals, Criminal Minds was seeing its biggest ratings hike due to Moore's departure.

There were rumors that CBS was also waiting to see how spinoff Beyond Borders, starring Gary Sinise, did. The show started slow, but is seeing a ratings boost. Initially, it looked like the original show was only getting a possible renewal, but things may now change. Fans of both will not likely find out until May 10, when CBS and ABC set their partnership requirements and sign off on another agreement.

One of the frustrating things for Minds fans is that the Season 11 finale will air on May 4. Aaron Hotchner will be arrested after already having been warned that a storm is coming. According to Erica Messer and the finale synopsis, Hotch will be accused of conspiracy, and it is up to the team to help prove his innocence. Could it be that the showrunner is setting up the finale to make it look like Hotch was involved in a conspiracy all along? That the finale could end with him admitting it, and then if Season 12 is confirmed, the show can move forward from there?According to Design & Trend, it appears the Season 11 finale is going to end with a cliffhanger. It looks like the showrunners are certain it will be renewed and want the finale to set up the events for Season 12. This is a dangerous move, as other shows have found out. Witches of East End had numerous cliffhanger moments in its Season 2 finale, only for the show to be cancelled afterwards. Fans were angry at Lifetime, as they now will never know what really happens to the various characters.

Rumors are still circulating and fans are growing ever more worried. If the partnership deal fails, it could mean Criminal Minds does not get a 12th Season after all.

[Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images]