TLC Kicks Off Halloween Season With ‘Kindred Spirits’ And ‘Evil Things’

September 29 marks the third episode of the current season of TLC’s Kindred Spirits, along with the third outing for their latest spooky show, Evil Things. Both programs are ostensibly billed as reality TV, and they join popular shows such as The Dead Files in presenting a so-called real-life look at what actually happens inside a haunted house.

Of course, there’s a lot of evidence that no reality program actually presents things exactly as they happen in the real world. Despite this, these shows continue to have a huge presence in the annual “most watched” list. When you combine this with Halloween being right around the corner, it’s no wonder that the paranormal-related Evil Things and Kindred Spirits are well-poised to be a successful part of TLC’s lineup.

Kindred Spirits Enters its Second Season

Kindred Spirits first debuted in October of 2016. The hit series entered production on its second season five months later. This particular supernatural program has an unusual hook; not only are the participants dealing with spectral activity in their home but they also have good reason to believe the ghost is related to them.

Adam Berry and Amy Bruni of Ghost Hunters fame travel the country to investigate these specific paranormal claims. After collecting as much evidence as possible, the ghostbusting duo seeks to restore the family’s peaceful lifestyle by convincing their departed loved one to move on.

Evil Things Focuses on Haunted Objects

Evil Things Carved in Wood
Image by IMDb

The box-office success of The Conjuring spin-off Annabelle and its sequel, Annabelle: Creation, proved that there’s an audience for horror stories based around haunted objects instead of entire houses. This was almost certainly the inspiration behind TLC’s latest spooky reality show. Evil Things provides first-person accounts from individuals who claim a cursed or haunted object has impeded their life in some way.

The debut episode involved an evil camcorder that steals time, along with a violent object that was once owned by a deceased family member.

Tonight’s Episodes

Kindred Spirits promises to feature a true haunted house tonight, with the evidence presented by the family’s children. Did they truly see a ghost? Adam Berry and Amy Bruni attempt to find out the truth, including whether or not a 100-year-old murder mystery is the key to everything. As a nice bonus, Berry and Bruni claim to have evidence on film that the malevolent spirit exists.

On Evil Things, a potentially haunted cornea transplant begins broadcasting scenes of murder into the receiver’s mind. There’s also a man who finds, and watches, movies hidden inside an attic wall. Before long, paranormal activity begins in a manner that seems to mimic Sinister in many ways.

All new episodes of Kindred Spirits and Evil Things air tonight on TLC at 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. EST, respectively. There may still be a month until Halloween, but with TLC showcasing the paranormal via Evil Things and Kindred Spirits, it’s definitely easy to get in the creepy holiday spirit.

[Featured image by TLC]